Well, well, well….Aren’t we all grown up?

I suppose it’s time for some form of update on the goings on.

First off, for those of you who’ve been following, or have happened to have stumbled upon my invisalign posts, here’s an update on my teeth situation: I have an appointment to see my Orthodontist in just a few weeks, see how my retainer is fitting. I have one minor complaint and it’s that the wires on my bottom teeth are not so secured. The adhesive that should be keeping the wire right up near my teeth has come off my teeth and now when I floss my floss goes underneath the adhesive part, whatever you call it. The annoying part is that this is the tooth they put extra adhesive stuff on because the first one broke also. So not only is it uncomfortable, it’s a pain in the butt to floss. I’ll let you know how it goes over with my ortho after I speak with her about it.

Secondly, well, now it’s just rambling. I’m finally that person who complains about work and not wanting to do it. On the plus side, I’m looking to get out of this job even though it’s currently my only source of income. But I’m hopeful that a move out of this province will prove to be beneficial. I’ve been applying to jobs pretty much on the other end of the country. The salary is better and the job description sounds much more geared towards my profession. So for now, I will suck up my current job, save money, and keep applying. I’ve already looked into housing and if the two of us go out together and find decent jobs, we could actually afford a down payment on a small house, plus a car for driving to work. We could definitely afford an apartment. Of course, this depends on where we move. Downtown is probably out of the question, but a small town not too far from downtown is looking like a very real possibility. Here’s to planning!

All these thoughts of home ownership and budgets and moving and careers is a huge eye opener as to how far I’ve come in the past year. At this time a year ago I would have been planning courses for the upcoming school year and losing my mind over not being able to find an internship–to work for no pay. Now I’m complaining about having a sucky job and planning on making a huge move and life change. My oh my. When did I get mature and become an adult? Okay, scratch that, when did I become an adult? Maturity is questionable…actually it’s not. It doesn’t exist.

There’s my bi-annual update. At least that’s how it’s feeling right now.