Cars 2: Movie Review

Just saw this movie, sadly on opening night. I’m not a child, don’t judge me.

I’ll give this movie a 3 out of 5.

It was a good kid’s movie, fairly entertaining. It had a good story line and tied in the characters a lot better than I had expected. Since it was a Pixar’s movie, I’m not going to analyze the plot because…’s a Pixar movie.

All in all it was cute and fun. If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll enjoy this one.


Green Lantern

Another one of my oh so very insightful movie reviews.

Just saw this and I must say it’s pretty great. Movie gives you a great description of the whole story line and introduces you to the whole concept of the green lanterns and the universe.

It’s a great action movie. Lots of explosions and guns and planes! I absolutely loved the planes. Don’t ask why, I did.

Ryan Reynolds is amazing. I mean like..hothothot. But also, very good actor. Did a great job with his character. Loved the humour in this movie. A good amount of laughs.

This is something I used to think was very dorky, but now I’m in love.

So, rating is obviously going to be good. I give this a 5 out of 5. Just great. Go see it. Don’t wait until it’s out on dvd. Go. Now. Stop Reading. Go.

Bruins take the Cup!

Not that I really care, just thought I’d post.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of the ‘nuck fans in the stadium. That made me happy. But as soon as I heard word of the rioters…well…let’s just say that’s embarrassing. You guys call yourself hockey fans? Clearly you’re not. You’re being disrespectful to your team, to your home town, and to your country. I’m sure the Nuck players would have been anything but proud to have you all as their fans. You’re disgraceful.

That being said, thank you to the fans who gave the Bruins a good cheer and helped them celebrate a well deserved victory. You all make me proud! year..Pens taking the cup!

Portal 2: Multiplayer

I have finally finished this! It only took about a total of maybe 5 hours? I don’t know, that’s pushing it.

I must say, I love the game for this feature. It just made me so much more fun! It was a bit challenging, but I found not as challenging as single player. Although it helps having a second brain!

Anyway, that’s it!


Portal 2: Completed–Spoiler

Yep I finished! Woohoo! Very happy.

I was pleased with the game, just like I stated in another post. However, I was thinking that there would be another battle with GladOS. I mean technically there was with the Bristish robot accent guy, but I thought there would be one with the woman voice robot again…that I was disappointed in. Oh well, still a great game!

Now I just need to finish the multiplayer with the boyfriend! That’s fun so far!

In other news, I’ve registered for courses for my final year at university! I can’t believe I’m almost done!! I want to get out and get to work…hopefully I can find a real job after. We’ll see.

Anyway, that’s it…going to give out more resume’s tomorrow and visiting my old high school with my best friend! Should be a blast!!


Ps. Suggest me more games!

Portal 2 > Portal 1

I’m sure this is open to a lot of debate. I must say though, so far Portal 2 is so much better!

I haven’t beaten it yet, which is a point for Portal 2. The first one I beat in about 2 days. Portal 2 is more challenging, more entertaining (oh the laughs!!), and is just plain better.

The puzzles are fun, there are more elements to work with (repulsion gel, bridges). At the same time, the puzzles are challenging, they make you think. They also make you feel incredibly stupid about yourself because when that moment of clarity hits, you wonder how the hell you didn’t see it before (I’ve experienced quite a few of these moments already).

The comedy element in this is just amazing. GladOS is back! But not for long. Constant comments about how you are a horrible human being and how you killed her just don’t get old…oh wait..maybe they do.

Now for the juice…the multiplayer! I have to say, absolutely loving this feature! Haven’t gone too far with it, but its pretty great. Definitely need a lot of teamwork. It’s a good relationship builder (helps with communication…you HAVE to talk), but also a good relationships killer (lots of frustration if you don’t understand what the other person wants from you). Just need to decide which it will be. Don’t let frustration get to you! Laugh off all the little mistakes and killings =).

If you don’t agree (and even if you do), post a comment and tell me your thoughts!!