Stuck in a Meeting


Yep, I’m sitting in the office, listening to a meeting taking place about the care of our clients. It’s a blast! I have reports to complete, but meanwhile, I’m listening to 9 people discuss their issues.

No major complaints though. I’m learning quite a bit about the care and each of these clients that I never get to spend time with. And I’m basically being paid to chill out and listen in on this meeting. The day started off with me arriving early and being locked out of the office. And then waiting for half an hour in the hall for someone to open the door.

Did I mention about the lack of communication I got when I got a raise? Basically, I just opened my pay stub and looky! Making more money than I was last pay day. Woohoo!

Anyway, it’s really difficult to even focus on procrastinating…


You may call me “Master”

Have I not already made this post? Really? Well…here goes…

I have officially completed my Master’s degree! 6 years of university education and one hefty expense later, here I am, sitting at work, writing in my blog, rather than doing actual work. Is this what it was all for? Okay, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to get all depressing on you. This was a happy post! Hurray for being finished school and making money!

I have my graduation ceremony on June 17th, where after another unnecessary payment for gown rental, yes GOWN RENTAL, I will have a very impressive piece of paper saying that I dished out another 20 grand for education. Yippee!

In other news, today is pay-day (no, not the video game), and I looked at my paystub to find that I got a raise. That’s always nice, though I am slightly concerned about the fact that no one informed me of this. Oh well, more money!

Now to work for another year and move out of this place and find an even better paying job! One where I will, hopefully, actually do work rather than write a blog. Oh well, getting paid, right?