Mud Hero Race

I have officially completed this 6km, 15 obstacle course of mud! Woo!! This was my first ever run/race. I didn’t train quite enough for it, I had shin splints so took it easy for the weeks leading up to the race, but either way, it was an amazing experience!

Official time: 1:16:50.9. I was surprised because I thought I’d take a lot longer. Goal for next year is to beat it! I definitely want to do this run again! It was disgusting, and painful, and incredible! I have cuts and bruises all over my legs and bum. My left knee can barely support my weight going down the stairs, my arms and back are sore from pulling myself up on mud hills, ropes, ladders. I was covered from head to foot in mud, I got mud in places a girl should never get mud, I walked a lot of the course, but completed all the obstacles!

WOO! I am incredible proud of myself and am waiting for my body to be in horrible pain tomorrow! If you get the chance to participate: do it!