Invisalign: Attachments Fixed!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had lost two attachments. Called in today and went in and they fixed them up! Quite pleased with the service. So far the attachments are staying put! The pain is still there, which is kind of a bummer, but it’s not nearly as bad my very first set, so I can deal!

That’s it! Quick post, quick update!

Let the Pains Begin Again! Invisalign Journey: Take Two

That’s right! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! My refinement aligners have arrived (a while ago) and I’ve finally managed to make it to the office to pick them up!

I got the same fun procedure of having my attachments put on (one 3 on top and 5 on the bottom..though two are on the same tooth…weird)! Also had the buttons put on for elastics (oh joy!). It’s a lot easier to take these sets in and out, probably because my teeth are fairly straight now. However, after having the first set of these new aligners in for only 8 hours, I’m already in pain! This is going to be fun..again.

So the good news this time is that I need only wear an elastic on my right side during the day, and on both sides at night. There is a total of 11 sets of trays (wooo!!!) and my ortho gave me 7 already. I am to change them every 10 days (not two weeks! more woooo!!), and in 10 weeks I have another appointment to receive my last sets.

A tiny bit of bad news: I think one, or even two of the attachments have already come off when I took my aligners out for the first time. Guess I’ll be making a call to the ortho tomorrow to find out if that’s a problem and if they’ll need to see me again to re-do them. The other sucky bit relates to this…one of the attachments is on my second tooth, so I feel like it is very visible. That’s no fun. The other is on my canine…and is also quite visible when the aligners are off. Guess I’m not eating in public for a while.

Anyway, for better news: I’ve calculated when I need to change my aligners and it seems that I will be done July 24th. That is the day of my last aligner of this set! Then hopefully after this, I will be all done with my treatment! Woo hoo!!!!

Stay tuned for updates!