Portal 2: On Sale at Walmart

Go get it, right now! From $59 down to $30. I got mine and it is currently downloading! Woo!!

Actually, I’m not that excited. The first was nothing mind blowing, so we’ll see how this one goes.

Anyway, how do the people at Wal Mart get their jobs? I asked the woman in the electronics department if they had any more copies of Portal 2 (I didn’t see it on the shelf and was wondering if they were all sold out). She asked if I checked the section for PC games, I said yes. She walks over with me to look, tells me that the games are all out of order (great job walmart). I ask her if maybe they put it somewhere up front since it was on sale and in their flyer. She seemed surprised by that information. She began to look and asked me if Portal 2 was part of the WoW series…./facepalm. They hire this lady to work in their electronics department? I know more about that stuff than this lady, but do I even get an interview? Noooo, god forbid they hire someone who knows things. /end rant.

Anyway, not much more news. Slowly getting through Half Life, but I get bored with it quite easily. Also posted a lot of movie reviews from the past few weeks. Check them out in the “Movies” tab! I saw Thor, Pirates 4, Hangover 2, and Something Borrowed. Actually…there may have been another…I forget =). But yeah, check those out, and go to walmart and get your cheap copy of Portal 2!




The final movie review that I will write today, I hope.

Thor. What can I say, great movie. I must also admit that I’ve never read the comic, so I’m not familiar with Thor. Thus the awesome that was the movie probably didn’t have the same effect on me as it did on the more geeky people.

Now without the knowledge of the original story, I have to say I very much enjoyed this one. Good plot line, great character development and it really makes me want to see Captain America. I enjoyed that at the start of the movie I was not a fan of Thor. He was a spoiled brat and just very blood thirsty. Always thinking revenge and wanting to fight. There was just some kind of impulsiveness about him that I despised (fantastic acting, by the way). But, by the end of the film, I really came around and loved Thor. Which was probably the goal of the movie, but I wouldn’t know.

The movie had a lot of action. That should appeal to the male audiences. It also had a good love story-line and a good looking guy, thereby appealing to the female audiences.

Yep, not much I can say about this one. That and the fact that I’m tired makes this blog entry a semi fail, but hopefully provides you with SOME information about the movie.

Anywho, I rate this a 4 out of 5. I recommend you see it, highly, even if just to say you did.

-Happy Watching!

The Hangover: Part 2

Might as well be the Hangover Part 1 Again.

I saw this movie twice. Not because of it’s awesomeness (which was lacking, if you didn’t catch that already), but because I was forced to.

This movie was entertaining, no doubt about that. It had it’s funny moments, good amount of comedy. But like so many others have pointed out, it just didn’t have any kick. It was like watching the first Hangover all over again. Guys get fucked up before one guy’s wedding day, they lose their friend and try to retrace their steps. In the end, one guy clues in and solves the mystery. Yaaay!

The acting was decent. I’m a fan of Bradley Cooper, he’s just good. Ed Helms is amazing and funny and didn’t fail to deliver on the funny in this movie. That other guy…Zach Galif…Gafili…hang on, doing a google search….Zach Galifianakis, was disappointing. He was funny and entertaining, yes. But also borderline retarded (very sorry, I absolutely hate using this term, but it must be used). He was not just dumb in this movie, he was painfully dumb. Zach, buddy, I thought you were great in the first one, but you just took it a little too far (or should I say you stopped using your brain a little too much) this time.

As intended, this is a total guy flick. Lots of female cleavage and boobs around. But also some female boobs mixed in with male genitals. Yeah, you read that right. I’m not going into details on this one, so use your imagination or go see the movie. One of the funnier parts.

Mike Tyson…what happened bud? Why do you only show yourself in the last 5 minutes of the movie? You get all into it and right before the movie ends you end up thinking…oh hey…whatever happened to Mike Tyson? I mean Stu has his tattoo on his face, but where’s the real deal? Then BAM! Out he comes in all his glory. Small as his part was, it was mildly interesting.

Not much else I can say about this movie without giving away all of the new elements (which I must say, there are not that many). But I do need to go with my gut and say it was a funny movie. Obviously not as good as the first, but nothing ever really is, is it?

I give this puppy a 3 out of 5. Enjoy it!

-Happy Watching!

Something Borrowed

(the movie).

I rate this chick flick a whopping 4 out of 5. Why? Because it’s a chick flick, thus appealing to my femaleness.

I’m doing this review a few weeks after I saw the movie, so it’s not 100% fresh in my mind. But I’ll try throw out what I best remember. I’d also like to throw in that I’ve seen 4 or so movies in the past few weeks, so I’m movie’d out and they’re all starting to blend into one.

So as I said, something borrowed is a total chick flick. Being soft at heart, I love a good love story. But I must also play a somewhat neutral role here and attempt to appeal to the male viewers. It may have been a love story, but it was no revolutionary love story. Nothing that has not been seen or played on before. Girl loves guy who is to be married to her best friend, best friend is a bitch, guy that’s marrying best friend likes the girl, girl’s best guy friend is in love with girl. Did you follow that? No? Then you know you’re reading about a chick flick.

Besides your typical story line, we get to see an innocent girl sleep with her best friends fiance (okay that’s a bit of a lie, we don’t see the actual sex part, but got you interested, didn’t I?). And like with all chick flicks, girl gets caught, but it all works out for everyone anyone. Oh except this girl’s best guy friend who’s helped her through all her stupid cheating shit and then admitted that he’s been in love with her since like forever. Yeah, he gets screwed. Not literally. That would have been good. (P.S. it’s Jim from the Office).

Anyway, on a chick flick scale, I give it a 4 out of 5, as I already stated. On a guy scale, I’d probably give it a 2 out of 5. Just knowing that some guys do like the occasional chick flick. Wait. What?……..guys DON’T like chick flicks? ANY? My bad. I still give it a 2.

-Happy Watching!

Pirate of the Caribbean: 4

Yeah, I don’t remember the name and yes I am so lazy that I don’t want to go google it. But it’s the movie, so if you’re reading this, you probably know what I’m talking about.

I went to see this a few days ago, not in 3D, that would have been lame.
I rate this movie 3/5 (that’s 3 out of 5 for those of you not familiar with fractions).

It was a decent movie, mildly entertaining. For some reason, however, it just didn’t do much for me. I love Jack Sparrow, always have. Terrific actor and amusing, and that still carried through to this movie. I wasn’t very crazy about the plot line though. You’re on the search for the fountain of youth…well gee isn’t that original. You get attacked by mermaids…well gee isn’t that original. And I must say, I think the mermaids were there purely for their lack of clothing. Okay, I kid there, but seriously…they can’t throw some bras or bikini’s on them? Not that I’m not up for seeing some breastage, but they didn’t even show that much.

And the God lover (no offense is meant here, mark my words), he miraculously survives like 5 killings? What’s that about? Hm…I think I should have written SPOILER ALERT!!! somewhere earlier, but here it is now!! SPOILER ALERT (throughout this post). Yeah, I mean I believe in God, but I don’t push my views on other people. It would have been better, in my opinion, to yes, have him survive his killings, but make it more….I can’t think of the word…but you know. Yes have him survive but make the audience question whether it was truly an act of God or something that could have happened to anyone. I think the makes put a little too much emphasis on “God is real” here. But once again, I already said I’m a believer, so please no hate.

The new main lady in this movie, Penelope Cruz? Um..no thank you. Bring back Keira Knightly please. I’m not a huge fan of her, but I very much liked her better in the movies than this new lady. I just did not like the story line of her and her father. Too wishy-washy for me and seemed like a way to just throw a hot chick in there and try to somehow squeeze her into the series while squeezing Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightly) out. Like I said, I didn’t like it.

But overall, a fairly entertaining movie. I’d say stay at home and wait for the DVD. Don’t waste money at the theaters and definitely don’t waste money on the 3D.

-Happy Watching

Assassin’s Creed!!

It’s finally here!! The tracking says it’s still in California…I lol =D. Can’t wait to install it and play it!! So excited! Duh…why am I wasting precious installing time typing this out…god I’m dumb. Not really though. Yes, my computer BETTER run this or I will be super pissed even more than I already was. To find out why I’m already pissed see previous post (stupid mass effect 2).

I’ve been playing a lot of Osu lately. Gettin better at those songs! (Get osu, it’s fun, kills time). And I’m also slowly getting through half life. Get a bit lost through some parts though…oh well.

Time to go get some shows and games!