A Simple Anniversary

May 6th was Alex’s and my 3 year anniversary. Crazy how time has flown by!

After work we made our way down to downtown London where we had bought tickets for the London Eye. We booked it for 8 o’clock so that we would be able to see the sun set over London. We thought we would have enough time prior to doing the Eye to have a nice dinner out somewhere. By the time we got to the Eye and found our way around, we would only have an hour and a half to eat. All the restaurants were packed. We walked around and ended up…..at Burger King! Two whopper meals and a stomach full of regret later, we walked back to the Eye and got on.

After our trip to Paris (oh yeah, we went to Paris!) it was pretty unimpressive. It was definitely a unique experience to get the bird’s eye view, but there wasn’t anything extremely breathtaking about it. Seeing everything from ground level is sufficient enough to give you an impression of London.

After doing the eye, we decided to spend some more time downtown so naturally, we wandered over to The Maple Leaf (the Canadian bar), had a poutine and a Moosehead (that’s a beer, not an animal). After this we decided that we had spent our anniversary thoroughly well and in our own style. We headed home, both tired and ready for video games and bed.

Upon our arrival home, I promptly proceeded to change out of my clothes. Alex quickly told me that I needed to leave. “What?” I asked. “You have to leave for a bit” he said. I didn’t understand. He told me that this was my present, and I needed to leave so that he could get it ready. Stunned, confused, and a little grumpy, I took the keys and set off for a walk. I made a circle around the block and Alex messaged my phone and told me I could come back.

I was convinced (as he had made it seem) that he was going to make me a romantic dinner…with real bacon. I came home where Alex was waiting for me. He told me to put a hat down over my eyes. Again, a little confused, I complied. The house smelled like bacon. He carefully led me upstairs, walked me into our room.

When he told me I could remove the hat, our room was dark, and Alex was on one knee. He pressed play on the TV (Michael Buble’s “You’ve got a Friend in me” started playing), and I couldn’t fathom what was happening. He gave me his heart felt speech, and turned on a black light which illuminated a giant poster of photos we had taken together over the last 2 years. In red, the letters from different signs and labels we had photographed spelled out the words “Will you Marry Me”. My response: “Fucking yes!”.


I can’t comprehend the events of the last few days. The planning that went into this. Two years ago, after our 1 year anniversary, is when he took the first picture to use a letter for. Two years ago he had started planning this. To top it all off: the ring.


My size, my style (the rebel alliance logo), my perfect man. We’re still kind of on a high, struggling to accept that we are now engaged. But we are both thrilled!!!! Welcome the new stage of our lives!