Saying Goodbye

Today we said our last goodbye to batman, the name we gave our car. Went to the junk yard, paid a ridiculous towing fee, got all of our belongings out of it, removed the plates, and said goodbye.

I am still feeling like a shitty car owner. 2 months in and an accident. I suppose it can happen to anyone, and I’m grateful that no one was hurt, but it sucks. Had a few good cries over the whole situation, and taking today off to cool down, process, thank whoever is watching over me, re-group, and get back on the horse of living life. It could have been so much worse…

Looking at the damage today, it didn’t seem all that bad. Yes, the side was dented, the rear wheel was shot, the bumper cracked and the driver’s side door wouldn’t open. But at least my face isn’t dented, my organs were not shot, and my bones were not cracked. I am grateful for that, and for all the support I’ve received from Jordan, my friends, and co-workers.

I’m sure I’ll shed more tears over the days to come. Let the lesson be learned and I hope this never happens to anyone.


Well Shit.

What a crappy way to start the week. Got into a car accident yesterday. Was pulling out of my driveway onto a private road. Cars were parked on the street, as usual making visibility basically nothing. I checked both ways, double checked, triple checked. Pulled out and saw a car speeding towards me. I tried to speed up to get out of the way, he hit me in the back driver’s side, spun me 180 degrees. Wrecked my car, wrecked his car. Ambulance had to come for his mom, she was stable fairly quickly but they took her to the hospital. Now I’m just praying she’s okay. I got a ticket for failing to yield. Which I respect and take ownership for. The other guy told the paramedics he was going at least 50 in a 40 zone. Based on the damage and the way he spun my car, I’m guessing he was going at least 60.

Oh well. No point worrying about that now. What to do now? Worry about paying the ticket, paying for the tow of the car, figuring out what to do with the car, worrying about insurance stuff, etc. etc.

To top that off, I get to go have an ultrasound for a breast lump. Then need to go get my medication, get a bus pass, get the case record for the accident.

Being a grown up sucks. Being a stupid one sucks too. I’ll be wracked with guilt for quite some time now.

Drive safe everyone. Remember, you can’t be too careful. Please quadruple check traffic, please follow the speeding limit. All I can say is that a few stood between me and either death or a hell of a lot of broken bones. Please be careful.