Invisalign: It’s Over!

Did you ever think this day would come? Could it be true? I’ve dreamt of this day for two years, and today, this lovely, rainy August 26th morning, it has come!

Today, ladies and gentlemen, is the day I handed over my last invisalign aligners…wait…was I supposed to hand them over? Oh well, it doesn’t matter, that’s what happened. I got my buttons removed and instead, got retainers put in! I now have wires on the tops and bottoms of my teeth. I am now just like all the other cool kids who had braces and now have wires on their teeth! Yay! I also get a removable retainer for my top teeth, but I pick that up later.

So that’s it folks! I’ll probably post updates if there are any other adventures with my teeth, but for now, that’s it that’s all!

Pictures to come!