Free Stuff!! (No Joke!)

As a poor college student, trying to save money at every turn, I try to look for free things everywhere. As a student that also loves to spend her free time playing video games, I like things that save me money on video games! So, this is partially me doing some “self-promotion”…except its not promoting myself, just my account! Account with what you may ask? With Swagbucks (click this link:

What is Swagbucks you may ask? Well, it’s basically a site that give you points (or swagbucks as they’re known) for using it. You earn points for doing the daily poll, watching videos, playing games, doing surveys, and most importantly, doing internet searches.

So I’ve been on it for a while, but have found ways to work the system and it’s finally been paying off! I’ve already redeemed my points for 2 Paypal gift cards (worth $25 each) and 2 gift cards ($5 each). When you refer someone, those people’s efforts and searches earn YOU swagbucks too! So help a girl out! Go here, sign up, and get some free stuff!

I thank you in advance!!

Invisalign: Tray 32

Owie, Owie, OWIE!

Yep, it hurts. New trays…oh the joys. Had some difficulty putting the top ones in. Well…not really putting them in, but having them sit well on the teeth. It is at this moment that I truly SEE the benefit of the chewies. Really helps get your teeth all the way into the trays.

And it is at this tray, 32, that I can feel and see my front teeth moving. The gums above my front tooth that’s more crooked and towards the back is all white right now…meaning pressure is being put on the tooth. It’s kind of nice to know it’s moving. Only 6 more trays to go! It’ll be over before I know it! (hopefully!)

That’s it. It hurts. I’m done complaining!