Friends with Benefits

Yet another movie review. This one won’t be as long as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, I promise!

I give this puppy a 3 out of 5 stars.

It was a pretty decent movie. For a chick flick, the comedy aspect was huge in the first half. The movie theater was bursting out laughing, even all the guys that came along with their girl friends.

The disappointment came in the end, when the movie took the typical chick flick turn and the couple ended up happily ever after. Oh, did I forget to call spoiler alert on that one? My bad.

Justin Timberlake is a terrific actor, in my opinion. Much more talented than when he sang. Mila Kunis is pretty great too, I still love her from That 70’s show!

Anyway, I recommend seeing this movie, it was funny, entertaining, and the sex scenes were pretty amazing. Oh the nudity…you get to see both actors butts. And some side boob from Mila.

So yeah, must see movie! Enjoy it =)



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Oh my dear fellow Harry fans, I don’t know how to do this. While I love Harry Potter (the books), I find the movies to be quite atrocious. But I’ll try to keep an open mind while writing this very long Harry rant.

Major Spoilers incoming!

To start off, I think I’ll do a two part review (don’t worry it’s all in the same post). So one, as a movie, HPatDH2 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2…if you needed that clarified) was good. As a portrayal of what actually happened in the book, it was a suuuuuuuuckfest!

So, as a movie, I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars. As a book reader, I’ll give it a 3 (still out of 5). It’s not varying much in the star ratings…but I’m not too good at those. Read the details of my opinion to find out what you really think.

Where do I begin with this mess? I’ll start with the bad and hopefully end with the good. There are many, many reasons why I find this movie horrible. Many of you may say it’s just small details that the producers/directors all that gang left out, but to me, it is important. So let’s dive right in!

1) The Elder wand cracking when Voldemort (I’m going to call him Voldy from now on) used it. That does not happen at all.
While we’re on the subject of wands…the last “epic” battle between Harry and Voldy. In the book, Harry fires the Expeliarmus (excuse my bad spelling as this will happen with names and stuff) while Voldy fires the, I believe it was the killing curse. Anyway, since the Elder Wand actually belongs to Harry, Harry’s expeliarmus hits Voldy and the Elder Wand should fly to Harry and hit Voldy with the killing curse. While there IS a bit of this in the movie, it’s not as clear as it could be. There is no struggle of wand lights between Harry and Voldy, no holding curses for 5 minutes, none of that. But I guess for movie purposes, they needed to put it in. Moving on…

2) [These are going to be out of order, I’m sorry]. When Harry, Ron and Hermione go somewhere and they need to hide…they hide behind tables or BEHIND things. Did everyone suddenly forget the minor detail of Harry having an invisibility cloak? Like…come on…it’s one of the deathly hallows!

3) Harry, Ron, and Hermione sneaking into Hogwarts. did Luna beat them in? That’s just minor…but she was in there with the other students waiting to welcome Harry. I just found that to be odd. But while we’re in Hogwarts…Harry does not pose as one of the students, does not step out during Snape’s speech. There’s supposed to be time killing, trying to figure out and find where that horcrux is. I mean it would have been a waste of movie time, but people need to know that it wasn’t so easy.

4) The diadem. When Harry goes looking for it in the Room of Requirement and finds it in a box. Uh…BIG question mark there. The Diadem is supposed to be sitting on a troll bust (or some kind of statue…I don’t remember THAT much detail). Harry remembers this before going into the room because earlier he put something into the cupboard thing that the troll was next to.

5) And since we’re here, in the movie Harry can hear the horcruxes talking to him. NO! He CAN’T. It’s not that easy. He needs to look for them. He needs to find them like a regular person finds things. Otherwise, it would be as easy as using the accio spell, which we all know does not work on horcruxes.

6) Moving right along. In Belatrix Lestrange’s vault when the gang is looking for the Cup (not the Stanley Cup, the hufflepuff one). The items ARE supposed to multiply when you touch them..they kept multiplying after they hit the floor and no one touched them. Also, Hermione yells out for them to not move. How will not moving prevent you from touching things if the room is pretty much FILLED with these things. You’re surrounded by them! If you’re not touching them, they’re touching you. You’re screwed. Also, these objects are supposed to burn you. Harry holding on the the Cup is supposed to be painful. He’s supposed to want to let go (and risk losing the real one in the mess of the multiplying ones), it’s supposed to be hard!

7) The hinted at romance between Neville and Luna? Guess what, it never happens! Read the book.

8) Harry doesn’t tell Hermione and Ron to kill the Snake, he tells Neville. And then Neville does it, and THEN they start the huge epic battle. Harry doesn’t run around the castle fighting Voldy. The battle is confined to the Great Hall.

9) During the epic battle while Harry is not running around the castle. Harry does not give Voldy a hug and say “Let’s end this like it started, together” and jump off the castle. They don’t fly around together groping at each other’s faces.

10) Memories cannot come from tears. Period. Snape gives his memories to harry by pointing his wand to his temple and pulling them out, just like everyone else before him did. Also, the scene with Snape’s death does not take place in a boat house. It happens in the Shrieking Shack. Why would that have been so hard?

11) After Harry is killed, Narcissa walks over to him to check that he’s dead and asks Harry if Draco is ok. Harry NODS. NO HE DOESN’T! Everyone would see a nod! Everyone would see his head move! Keep it like the book and have him whisper yes!

12) Where did Voldy get that many followers? Last time I checked, he only had like 30. Instead of paying this huge amount of people to dress in black, take those 30 people from the Goblet of Fire when Voldy came back to human form, and use those. I guess that wouldn’t be epic enough…but who WOULDN’T buy the fact that children wizards who barely know any spells can defend themselves one on one with pro dark arts?

13) Harry breaks the Elder wand without fixing his own before that. Harry LOVED his wand. He tried fixing it with another wand. The Elder wand is ALL POWERFUL. It’s the only one that can fix Harry’s. But that’s okay. Harry doesn’t need a wand.

14) Where’s the part about McGonagle becoming headmistress? Disappoint.

15) They did not make Neville look badass. He still looked like a joke. Disappoint.

16) Voldy dies and turns into flying pieces of paper? Lame.

Goodness me. I think I’ll say what I did like now. I’m sure I’ve missed a crap ton of stuff about the disappointments, but this is getting pretty long.

Good things:
1) The story of Snape’s love for Lilly.

2) The emotional connection between McGonagle and Harry.

3) The scene where Harry dies and goes to King’s Cross. Very well done. (except when they kept beating us over the head that Snape loved Lilly. WE GET IT!)

4) The beginning…duhh. Very accurate conversations with Griphook and Olivander.

5) Loved the scene in Gringotts with the waterfalls that removes all disguises and stuff.

6) Absolutely LOVED Helena Bonham Carter’s acting as Hermione trying to be Bellatrix. Oh dang…I’m going to have to enter a disappointment with this scene…Hermione (as Bellatrix) is supposed to give the goblin Bellatrix’s wand as identification. Also…the imperius curse looked like someone getting high…lame. But good acting! Lol

Okay, I’m going to wrap it up. I’ve discussed this far too much with others and here lol.
Um…final word…go watch it, see for yourself how well/poorly done this is. And please read the books. You are not a real fan unless you do.

Happy Watching!

My Childhood is Over

Yep. Bet you’ve heard this a lot since Friday. I’ve just seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. You will get a nice, detailed rant about it in the movie reviews. Well..not so nice. Honestly, I was not impressed with the movie. There were just too many inaccuracies, things that should have been done differently. I was more thrilled and on the edge of my seat when I was reading the book than watching this sad excuse for a movie. Not a fan.

But my dear Harry Potter fans, never fear! The adventure is not over! If you want more Harry Potter, come July 31st or October there will be Pottermore! The online interactive experience! So book lovers, get ready for more content online!

That’s about it. Go check out the movies tab (see above) for a nice little review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!


Horrible Bosses

I rate this sucker a 5 out 5. Yeah, that’s right! I NEVER give such high reviews, but this movie was HI-wait for it-LARIOUS! Tons of laughs all around! The theater was cracking up the whole show!

A minor mishap with the projector lead to a short break during the movie, and the movie was concluded with free tickets to see another show. Guess what’s next? Harry Potter!

Anyway, Horrible Bosses, go see it. Definite must see movie.


Yep, Borderlands! Got it from a steam sale and have been playing multiplayer on it. It is pretty fun. Kind of like WoW but with guns and fps perspective.

I haven’t posted in a while. Why you may wonder? I’ve got a job! And got my first pay check Monday! I may have already mentioned this…it’s been a while. Anyway, speaking of this job, I must get there!


Bad Teacher: Movie Review

Bad Teacher featuring Cameron Diaz.

I rate this 2 out of 5. And that is only because I’m not mean. Okay, maybe I am, I’ll rate it 1 out 5.

Honestly, this movie was not all it was hyped up to be. I thought it would be very funny, but it was a bust. There were the random funny jokes, but I just didn’t buy into the plot line. This teacher just wants to raise money to get new boobs, to impress a hot new teacher (Justin Timberlake). Spoiler alert…the gym teacher that chases her is the one she ends up with…gee wiz who could have seen that coming? Oh wait…everyone.

If you want to see this movie, wait until it comes out on dvd. Better yet, stream it, download it, or wait for it to be shown on TV. (I do not endorse streaming or illegally downloading…at least if there is legal authorities reading this).

So yes, don’t see this movie. It has it’s mediocre laughs, but they’re not worth the money.

Happy Not-Watching

Happy Canada Day!

I am slightly behind on this, but I have had a very busy weekend. The boyfriend came down to visit and we had some fun. We have a festival here in town that usually gets a good turn out. There are rides, concerts, carnival games, and pretty great food. It was not that great this year. The band was Big Sugar. They were good, but I’ve never heard of them, so not too exciting for me. Street Pharmacy opened for them. We saw them last year and loved them. They’re a great band, check them out!

So Canada day was July 1st as many of you know. Two of my friends, boyfriend and I were waiting to see the fireworks that were scheduled for 11 pm. We were waiting from about 9 since there was not much to do (rides are way too expensive). Long story short, we didn’t get to see any fireworks because of a “computer malfunction”. We were greatly disappointed. We made a good time out of it though. One of my friends brought glow-sticks. We put them on, sat on the ground and had a blast talking, making jokes, all that fun stuff. Then we got asked if we needed any 4/20 supplies. I must say, we probably looked like we did that stuff lol. A group of 4 kids with glow sticks sitting on the sidewalk laughing ALL the time…I think we probably came off as being high already.

So in short, we had Canada Day fireworks on July 2nd. That was entertaining. I must however thank the States, Buffalo NY, for their fireworks on Canada Day. You guys are too nice for doing that on Canada Day!

So on July 2nd the boyfriend and I went to the movies. We sad Bad Teacher. I’ll be posting a review on that in the Movies section (see link at top of page).

And now, today, we have our last day of the long weekend. My boyfriend went back home (sad). I did however purchase Borderlands! Yay! (Sale on Steam, go buy it if you haven’t already). I also noticed Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for 20 bucks on sale..go check that out as well!

I think I’m all talked out right now. Check out my movie reviews!! (Will also be uploading fireworks video..funny stuff =) .)