Movie Review: The LEGO Movie

Where do I start? 5 out 5 starts! No no, wait, 10 out of 10. That’s more fitting.

This movie was amazing. Though I do have a very immature and childish view of the world, so this hit every single spot I loved. It’s LEGO, which automatically makes it awesome. The story line was actually very well done and clever. The amount of adult humor that was inserted (pun intended) into the movie was great. I was laughing every 10 seconds, literally.

I think the ending twist was exceptionally well done. The LEGO movie had a very Toy Story 3 feel to it because of this ending. It sent a very powerful message, and really hit me in my adult/child feelings. I won’t put any spoilers into here. My only advice is to go see this movie. You will not regret it! The theater was full of adults, so it’s a great movie for all!

PS. Great Valentine’s Day movie!

Happy Watching!

The Cabin in the Woods: Movie Review

If you’re like me, when you saw the trailer for this movie, the first thing that went through your head is: Hunger Games rip off. It’s not quite the same, but a similar concept.

I’ll rate this movie a 3 out 5. If you like blood shed, zombies, and other things that are meant to be frightening but are not, this movie is for you.

I really wasn’t a fan of the movie. The concept was just silly, I was not able to relate to the characters, and the ending was disappointing. If you liked the Scary Movie movies, you’ll probably enjoy this…to some extent.

In a movie where you cheer when most people die and are not at all disappointed or upset when absolutely everyone dies….well…there’s really not much to say about it. The reason I gave this movie a 3 and not a 1 or a 2 is because it was mildly entertaining–but once again, in the Scary Movie sense. There’s enough gore to keep you going, enough freaky things to keep you interested, but this is not a movie that will keep you up all night or have you checking under your bed for monsters.

The final word here is: you do NOT need to watch this movie before you die. You are not missing anything. If you DO feel bored one night and are in the mood for mindless bloodshed, bust out this dvd. Don’t take a trip to the theater.

Happy Watching!

The Hunger Games: Movie Review

This review will not be as great as my Harry Potter one since I waited a while to see the movie after reading the book, but I think I can still provide a decent review.

After reading the many conflicting reviews online–some claiming it sucked, others claiming it was awesome–I’m here to provide my very own opinion.

So first of all, I’m giving this movie a 3.5 out of 5. Yes, a point 5 is in there.

As a movie, this was a pretty good movie. Considering the fact that this was rated PG13 (I think…) it’s just gruesome enough. A lot of people complained about the the shaky camera work, about how there was not enough brutality/actual games scenes, but I think it was done pretty well.

The movie needed to provide a solid base/background on the whole Hunger Games concept, how the districts work, etc. And quite frankly, they should have provided more information on some of the districts–the thing I’m thinking about in particular is the type of bread made by each district, and having bread from district 11 sent to Katniss after she honours Rue’s death. However, I don’t think it was necessary to the movie and would have just been seen as a boring addition by most of the audience.

I disliked that Katniss was not given the mockingjay pin by Madge, that she was not visited by more people after she voluteered as tribute, that Peeta and Katniss were not talking on the roof and testing the force-field, that Katniss was not in the audience when Peeta proclaimed his love, and many other tiny anachronisms. But I DO think most of these things were appropriate to change/leave out for the movie. However I also believe that some of these small things will help set the ground for the rest of the movies in this series.

As with most book-adaptation movies I strongly recommend reading the book. You just get so much more details and learn so much more about the districts and history. In my opinion, books are always better.

So to sum up, this is a definite must see movie. But you don’t need to rush out to the theaters to see it. You can wait for the dvd.

Happy Watching!

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Yes, I did it. I watched this movie…I am ashamed. Just to make things very clear here, I am in no way, shape or form, a Twilight fan.

However, I did read the books, and now I have seen the movies. I’ll admit that the books have been a guilty pleasure for me. They’re easy to read and are a decent teen series. Anyway, this isn’t about the books, this is about the movie.

Breaking Dawn, Part 1. Sadly, I have to give this movie a 3 out of 5. I’ll admit…it wasn’t the worst thing out there. I absolutely despised the previous movies because they were TERRIBLE adaptations of the books. And if anyone knows me, they know how much bad adaptations anger me (see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows reviews if you need confirmation of this).

To get to the point, I liked the fact that this movie followed fairly closely to the events of the novel. I would have liked to see some more bruising of Bella (yes, I am evil), and more showing of how much the transformation into a vampire burns your insides. Now I can’t criticize this movie as much as I could Harry Potter, because I don’t really remember the book, but I’m sure there are other facts that are missing that would irritate me had I remembered them. But all the bad stuff aside, it was a decent movie. Out of all the Twilight movies, this definitely was the best, but lets be honest, that’s not hard to beat.

Now, even though I’m giving this movie a pretty good review, I will still recommend that you wait for it to come out on DVD to watch it. I don’t think it’s worth the trip to the theater.

-Happy Watching!

Pearl Harbor (2001)

Since I’ve been here at school, studying away like a sucker, I haven’t been able to get out and about to see any new movies. I have however, been able to watch movies I have. So today, I will review Pearl Harbor.

I must say this movie is one of my favorites. It’s a fantastic love story, but also a wonderful tale of friendship, and let’s not forget, history. And for a movie that focuses a great deal on a love story, there is plenty of action there for the male viewers. A lot of inspiring scenes and the movie in general is heart touching.

The romance between Evelyn and Rafe is heartbreaking. The perfect couple, beautiful together, is separate by war. When Rafe’s plane is shot down into the ocean, his body is not found and he is reported dead. Danny, Rafe’s best friend, brings the new to Evelyn. Her heart is shattered and she turns to the only other person who loved Rafe as much as she did: Danny. Soon, a romance emerges there and Evelyn ends up carrying Danny’s child. Soon after Danny and Evelyn’s romance begins, Rafe makes his way back. He survived the crash, praying to God everyday that he would never leave Evelyn if he could only make it back to her. And make it back he did, sadly a little too late. As you can imagine there is turmoil between the two best friends and of course between Rafe and Evelyn. All too soon, both men are summoned to war after a devastating attack on Pearl Harbor.

The ending: tragic. I will not give out details, just go and watch this movie. This one will be on the top of my playlist for a long, long time.

5 Stars out of 5!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Movie Review

Oh where do I begin? I want to give this movie an honest review, but I don’t think it will turn out that way. Why? Because to me, it was a comedy! Anyway I’ll give this a three stars, but its definitely not a must-see movie. You will not be missing anything if you never see this.

There were a lot of heart-touching scenes in the movie. Seeing the main guys father suffer and eventually die from Alzheimer’s is possibly the toughest thing. The girlies in the theater were definitely tearing up. Being a pet owner, I was sad when Caesar (the main ape), had to be left at the animal shelter. And it made me angry to see how the apes were mistreated. But I gotta say, does San Francisco REALLY have that many apes around?

If you watched Harry Potter, you’ll like seeing Mr. Draco Malfoy (aka Tom Felton) killed by an ape. Actually he killed himself because it was pretty stupid what he did. Who knew that water + electricity do not mix?

Anyway, not much to rave about on this movie. But I did enjoy the laughs. In conclusion, don’t see the movie. It’s not worth it in theaters. Wait until it’s out on DVD.

Happy Watching!

Cowboys & Aliens: Movie Review

Another review coming at you. I’m quite picky about movies, at least ones that I’m interested in, so this one will be no different. At least it won’t be as long as the Harry Potter one =).

So I give this movie a 4 out of 5.

I know it’s gotten some bad reviews, and honestly, I can see why. But it was a very entertaining movie, so I have to say it’s a must see.

There were some dumb parts. For instance, the aliens have a bracelet thing that can explode shit (which Daniel Craig comes equipped with). But apparently when cowboys kill aliens, they can’t pull off the bracelets off the aliens and use those. And some inconsistencies with the fighting include the fact that at one time, a pistol can blow an aliens head off, and other times, a guy can be shooting at the alien 10 times, but the alien still rapes him. And by rape, I mean kill. Also, the aliens seem to have massive rocket launcher type guns. The cowboys just don’t have the sense to use those after they kill the alien. Oh well, cowboys still win. Oops, should I have called spoiler alert on that one?

I must say, the story line is pretty creative. I enjoyed the flashbacks of the main character (Daniel Craig). Those were well done and interesting.

One big flaw, in my opinion, is the lack of finding out what the aliens need the gold for. Watch the movie to find out what I’m talking about here. Or I can just explain it now…the aliens are on earth to mine for gold. Apparently it is as valuable to them as it is to humans. But why they need it…nobody knows. We never find out. Sigh. Sequel? I think not…

Anyway, the movie is alright. Lots of action, good story. Worth seeing in my opinion as long as you don’t get hung up on the details!

Happy Watching!