A Visit to the Ortho

I had one today.

Apparently my aligners are fitting nicely and things are progressing as they should. I received trays 14-18 and have another appointment scheduled for the end of April. That will take me to almost half way through my treatment!

I also got to hear a little speech about how I should really get a family dentist and have a cleaning and what not done (it’s been 4 years since I’ve been to one). But you know, I’m not really concerned. When I went in to get assessed for the invisalign treatment, I went to several places. One of them was a dentist. They told me my teeth looked just fine. Although they did end up calling me like a month later for a “cleaning”. More like a…we’d like you to may us money for scraping your teeth. No thanks. Ok…I probably WILL need to go soon…but I’ll hold off since I don’t have decent dental coverage.

Anyhow, I’ve also been informed that using the aligner chewies is important…oops. Didn’t really ask why, but I assume it would be to have your teeth settle while moving so it’s not like slowly pulling them out? Guess I’ll be using those more regularly now…

That’s all the updates I’ve got! Stay tuned for more!


Invisalign: Now That They’re Moving

…my teeth that is…

Now that they’re moving, I’m getting annoyed by how much care I need to take of my teeth. I have spaces between my back teeth and food is ALWAYS getting stuck back there. So instead of a quick floss once a day, I have to do a 5 minute floss after every. single. meal. It’s not fun.

I guess it’s good news though since it’s validation that invisalign is doing its job. I’d really like it to get moving on my front teeth. But one must wait.

I also have frustration with my Ortho. I have a week off from school during which I’ll be going home. It will be the week of Family Day, so that Monday my doctor isn’t working. She also decided to take the Tuesday off. Lucky for me (sarcasm) those are the only days she works in the office that is near my house (20 minute drive). So I have to go see her in her other office, about an hour and a half away. It sucks because I’ll be going there for about a 5 minute check up on my teeth and getting another set of trays. Can you say waste of gas?

Oh well, it’ll be nice to have a week off from school! I’ll take more pictures soon, not that much has changed.

Hope everyone else going through invisalign treatment is doing well!