Happy 2016!

It feels like I haven’t written here in a long time…which I think is fairly accurate. I have been kept busy with work, Christmas break, writing of my travel blog, and playing video games. I’ve hardly had any time to sit down and reflect on the previous year or on my plans and goals for this year.

2015 Recap

I can honestly say I don’t remember much of this year. It started off poorly with me getting into a car accident, I remember that much. Luckily no major injuries were sustained, other than the vehicles. That was my January.

The rest of the year? Well, there are the major life points:

  • moving in with Alex for a month before he went off to England to teach.
  • moving away from Ottawa.
  • moving to England to live with Alex.
  • finding a job in England.

Somewhere in there I also hit remission with my rheumatoid arthritis (yeah I have that). Go me!

I’d say the highlight of the year was the journey to the UK. It was crazy stressful for a few months, knowing that Alex was applying, and me trying to sort out what I was going to do as I had no job lined up or anything. Applying for our visas was both stressful and costly, but that obviously worked out well. Packing up all of our belongings and leaving them with our family was a step I didn’t really want to take. Bringing only my clothing with me to start a life in another country was incredibly terrifying, but has thus far been alright.

Life in England has been pretty good. We’ve even managed to travel to Scotland for my birthday. I guess that’s another highlight of 2015. It was a gorgeous country, granted we only visited Edinburgh and Scotland.

Prior to hopping the plane to England I traveled home to my family and drove across Canada to Alberta to see my grandmother for her 90th birthday. Aside from the painfully long and boring view in the prairies, it was great to see the family before flying off.

I had also managed to lose some weight (10lbs!) which I have subsequently put back on due to a lot of dinners out and cheap candy here in England. Which I suppose is the perfect lead into 2016…

2016: Plans and Goals

Yes, yes the typical I want to get fit and lose weight and all that junk. I do! I really do! In 2015 I tried the vegan diet. Really, I just went the raw, plant based diet. Which lost me 10lbs in a month and left me feeling fantastic! So I want to do that, and have attempted to several times while here. I’m not setting some crazy goal to follow that diet to a T, or say that I’m abandoning all candy and sweets and processed foods. I realize I am a human being and I will be tempted. I already have plans to stray from that diet this coming week. There are chocolate bars in my sigh that will be eaten. But I will try harder overall. I have seen the positive effects of eating a plant based diet (other than the weight loss). The effects on my overall health were great!

2016 has also started off great for Alex and me as we have found a new place to live! Our current residence is a shared house where there are 5 other people and 1 bathroom and a shared kitchen. Not so fun when others don’t take responsibility for their messes or make any attempt to clean up. So we started our search, and found it quickly. A large room with it’s own bathroom. And the landlord is putting in a small kitchenette so it’ll basically be a studio! At a shared home price! Score! The house does have other residents, but other than doing laundry and using the oven and going in and out of the house, we won’t really need to see them. Unless they game, we’d totally see them then.

Future plans for travel: we have a lot. Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Greece. Really, we want to get the Europass and see everything. Paris is on the list for April with Alex’s mom. That should be pretty spectacular.

In our travels we also want to do some mountain climbing/hiking. We did a small hill in Scotland but want to tackle some bigger ones. So, the motivation to go the gym and stay fit is ever present!

Finally, there have been talks of engagement this year. Whilst watching the New Years fireworks over London, Alex turned to me and said “We should get engaged by the end of this year”. I said “Okay”. Romantic, aren’t we? Actually, it was.

Well, there you have it. 2015, full of scary experiences, sad experiences, laughter, tears, adventure–all wrapped up into one, somewhat neat package. And there is 2016, slowly unfurling onto us while we strap in for the ride!