Merry Christmas!

Or whatever you happen to be celebrating. If it’s nothing, well then have a good day!

So I thought I’d share my invisalign update! It’s been a while since I’ve had my aligners out and finished. As you may remember I have wires on my teeth now, both tops and bottoms. I just had a check up appointment a few days ago. They had to add a bit of extra glue on one of the teeth with the wire across it because it had come off. I apparently had to bring in my retainer that I wear at night to make sure it fits properly…I may have forgotten. But everything is looking good, so it’s alright!

I had a little miracle happen a while ago. Not something that’s huge, but something I never thought would happen, ever. I received a compliment on my teeth. The person said they were nice and looked really symmetrical and nice. It was such a huge shock for me because I’ve never gotten that, never even thought that about my teeth. I was thrilled!

That’s my little story. I’ll try to get some final product teeth pictures up so you can all see the end result! Hope you’re all having a great break!