Weddings are Expensive

I always knew people threw away thousands and thousands of dollars on weddings. And I always assumed I’d be the person who would keep it small, simple, with lots of handmade everything to cut costs. I honestly didn’t expect to spending a ton of money on a wedding. Sadly, our wedding budget is now telling me otherwise…

We’ve booked our venue. A place that’s about half the price of where we had initially wanted to do it. The part you forget to consider when choosing a venue is that you have to feed all of the people that you invite. And that’s where a lot of your money is going. Literally half of our budget is going towards the food. Of course, this is assuming that all of the people we invite show up.

We’re still being frugal where we can. For instance, my dress and his tux. The dresses that I’ve been eying have all been less than $500. The one that is currently my favorite is around $350. But I expect that with alterations and things it may add up to more. He states that his tux will not be expensive either. Hair and make up? I have talented friends who could throw something together, for the hair at least. Make up I will likely do myself. So the cost will be the actual products.

The nice part is that my parents have offered to “make a financial contribution” to the event. Nice of them, since I did not expect them to. That’s not true, I expected that they would give us money, I just didn’t want them to. Now, I really appreciate it. I haven’t discussed the details with them or how much they would want to contribute, but at this point, any bit would help.

Our centerpieces will be Lego. Either in glass bowls, or simply scattered around the table. Legos will also be our guest favors/best man and bridesmaid gifts. And while Lego IS expensive, it’s nowhere near the cost that some people put out.

Oh! The bouquet! Yes, none of this flower business for me. Well, not real flower. I found a gorgeous paper comic book flower bouquet that I’m totally stealing the design for. Why? Because this is 100% a geek wedding. Speaking of which, shoes? Converse all the way. I’m even tempted to buy a pair of white converse and decorate them with comic book art to add some extra classy geek.

The officiant typically costs quite a bit of money. We’re hoping that one of our friends will get ordained and perform the ceremony! How epic would that be?

There are some costs that can’t be avoided: a photographer. Yes, everyone has a fancy camera these days, but a photographer will just capture moments that they know are coming. And will take the stress off others from taking pictures and just let them enjoy the day. A DJ apparently can’t be avoided. Our venue has clearly stated that we must have a DJ and that a playlist off an iPod or a PC will not be allowed. Lame.

The nice thing about our venue is that they include a lot of things, such a microphone, speakers, projector for a slide-show, chair covers, seating chart, dance floor, etc. All those small nitty-gritty things that you tend not to consider.

So there you have it. Our wedding plans. They’re slowly coming along. And slowly adding up.

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