The Job Hunt

I thought I was done with this, but apparently not. Finding a job in the UK is proving to be a lot more difficult than I initially imagined. I suppose finding a job that is as ‘specific’ as the one I chose will not be that easy. What with the extra memberships and certifications it requires. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for finding something right now.

Other than the job hunt in a different country, well, I can’t say nothing else is new because a lot is. In a week I will know what it is like to live with someone. And not just roommates, that I know all about. Nope, in a week I will be co-inhabiting with my man-friend (because boyfriend sounds childish). It’s only for about a month because after that, he leaves for the UK, with me following about a month after (and hopefully my paperwork all goes through and I actually CAN go).

And in yet OTHER news. About a week ago, I got my first tattoo! Woo! A phoenix! To remind me of inner strength, of having the opportunity to become a ‘new’, better person with each day, to learn from my mistakes. Most of all to remember that I am strong enough to keep on fighting when my body decides that it doesn’t want to function anymore. It was quite the painful process, but not terrible. Just felt like I was getting scratched a lot. But an hour and a half later and I’m a tattooed woman!

That’s all the exciting that I have for today…now off to work I go!