Invisalign Tray 29

Only 9 trays left! WOooHOoO! Honestly feels like a week ago that I started my invisalign treatment…and now it’s almost over. Can’t wait for the day! Can’t wait to see the final result!

Anyway, some bad news: if you think the pain goes away after a couple trays, you would be wrong! It still hurts like a….well…like something that hurts a lot!

I don’t know if this whole pain thing is because new teeth have begun moving, but it’s quite painful. I notice I end up clenching my teeth during the night…so that kind of adds to the pain. So after taking the new trays out in the morning to eat, when I put them back in, they’re not as painful. Oh well…No pain, no gain…right?………right?!

That’s it! Pics to come! Probably when I’m all finished!



Back to School!

Time for more updates since my last time here. I posted a quick invisalign update regarding my little interview. You can find it here: .

But now to school things! I have moved back into my school home on Monday. Everything is still in boxes, except my computer (duh, cuz how else would I be writing this?). I have begun the long and potentially painful journey of graduate school, working towards an MEd (master’s in education) with concentration in Counselling. A mouthful, I know.

Yesterday we had an orientation session. Basically welcoming us to the faculty and letting us meet some of the professors, the dean, learning about the services provided. And after we had a reception: free food and alcohol! What could be better? I don’t drink, so a few things, but it was fun either way. Got to meet a few nice people who I’ll be seeing for the next 2 years.

And considering the fact that I’ll only have 3 classes, one of which is fully online, I’ll be looking for a job as well! I’ll let you know how that goes…

Anyway, that’s it for my update!

See ya later!

Invisalign Interview

Phew, it feels like forever ago since I updated everyone. I don’t have much new things to update you all on except this: a little while back I was asked to do an interview about my process/experience with invisalign braces. I happily agreed! You can find it here:

You can also find the experience of others on the website linked above. It’s a great place to go to find a collection of stories from different people about their journeys!