It Just Keeps on Falling

The snow, of course!

I woke up and opened my blinds and BAM! Snow everywhere! And a good amount of it too. Now usually one would expect people to be sick of snow by now and hate it, which was my initial reaction, but as soon as I stepped outside (not by choice, I ran out of food, shopping was needed), and I was immediately happy! Snow makes me happy. Well not always, just the big, fluffy snowflakes and a giant snow fall. It makes me think of the winters when I went out with my dog, he used to love snow so much.

That’s about it on my snow rant. Not very funny. I’m not in a very funny mood right now, probably because I have an exam tomorrow and have studied almost none for it. But in better news, I got an A- on one of my other midterms! Thought I’d fail that one because my grandfather was very ill during that time and I barely studied. God was on my side for one thing. Hopefully this one will be a breeze. Fingers crossed!

Hm…maybe I should have called this the not so funny blog entry. Sorry..maybe I’ll be more comical tomorrow!


Oh! more things to add…I really want to get a PS3 sooo, if anyone knows where I can get a cheap one…or get a good deal of some sort…leave a comment! Thanks!


Back to the Grind

Goodest of Mornings Readers! Although since you can read this any time of the day….good any time of day readers!

It’s back to the grind for me. So much work to do, so little time. Exam on Tuesday, assignments to do, TAs to meet oh it is such a wonderful time. After a week off, it’s very difficult to get back into the whole working and learning thing. But what’s a student to do?

I really have nothing entertaining to report to you today. Maybe later in the day something awesome will happen…but it has not yet…probably because its 11 am.

Anywho, I’m outy…time to hit the books. Literally…I want to punch them…they’re annoying! /RAGE!


Hall Pass

SPOILER ALERT (details will be discussed thus ruining the movie)

So great movie, a must see in my eyes. Other friends that went to the movie also loved it.

This movie has pretty much everything you want. A LOT of comedy, some action, some romance for the chick flick lovers, and a surprising amount of nudity (both male and female). I believe both sex nudity fits in well with the movie.

Quick recap: Basically a hall pass is a week off from marriage. A wife gives her husband the hall pass and leaves for a week, leaving him free to explore his inner teen sexual fiend, any sex he has is not considered, anything that happens during the week is forgotten, forgiven, the couple technically wasn’t married. Sounds great, guys, doesn’t it? Of course it does, what husband wouldn’t want a week off from nagging wife, kids, and sexless nights? Well while all may seem grand and dandy, the wives realize that hey, if the husbands get a week off, that means the wives do too. After attempts of the guys to go out and bang every hot chick they see (ultimate failure btw), the girls get a little frisky too. I won’t give away ALL the details…but stuff happens. For the chick flicky lovers, you’ll be happy to know that the main couple does NOT cheat and realize their ultimate love for each other (cue the *awwwwww*).

What makes it awesome? I will go back to the nudity. I was so sick of seeing movies where they only show female breastage and nothing of the guy. Like come on, if women get exposed, males better be showing off something too. Hall Pass=score (not that I was looking >_> ). So the nudity factor plays into the whole, women get freedom too thing. We’re seeing the balance of power here between the sexes (far stretch, yes, but it’s my blog so you can’t argue it). What else makes this awesome? Well for the guys…this movie is PACKED with hot chicks (if you’re into that whole tall, skinny, big boobs, nice ass look). This may be the only time your girlfriend will allow you to check out other girls…take advantage!

Action! That’s right, it has it too. What could be better than seeing an angry dude beat the shit out of a minivan with a crowbar? And then attempt to shoot the two main guys of the movie and bullet hole the van some more? And then, ride on the roof of the van inconspicuously and bust the sunroof with said crowbar. Yes, this is the only scene I can remember that has action. But it’s good and funny.

Now the best thing of any movie…crude sex jokes. And this movie is packed with them! You’ll learn some new terminology that’s for sure. And guys…if you ever try to pull the Fake Chow…we’ll know. There is a big difference between fingers and tongue, don’t think you’re so cleaver.

I could go on and on about this movie and spoil absolutely all the punch lines for you, but I won’t. I think I’ve done enough damage for this movie. Let me know if you want to read about other movies I’ve seen, old or new. I’ve got a wide selection to catch up on right now. But keep on checking in!



Howdy readers.

Just wanted to throw this out there, but Youtube’s star, Tobuscus or Toby Turner is awesome. If you have not already subscribed to him, do it now. If you enjoy games and enjoy laughing at those less skilled, subscribe to tobygames. I find it entertaining to watch him and Justine playing little big planet. The laughs of their failures is pretty awesome.

On another note, my boyfriend and I played Star Wars the Clone Wars on xbox 360 this weekend. It was fairly entertaining as well. I probably had just as many fails as Toby did. Who would have thought jumping was so difficult? lol. But it’s a fairly fun game. Some retarded aspects to it, like having to find artifacts that you can’t…or having the camera shot move and not be able to go back and collect remaining gems/artifacts…or whatever they’re called.

That is all for this rather short blog entry…time to get back to the studies after a week off. This shan’t be fun =)

And now to steal from Toby….

Bless your face…if you sneezed during this blog, Bless YOU! Peace off =)


(Sorry Toby, but it’s just so good I couldn’t pass it up)

The Break

Yes, there comes that time in every college kid’s life when they take a break. There’s the obvious relationship break, or as I like to call it the “lets not date for a week so we can have sex with other people” break. But this is not the break I’m talking about here. No no, this break is much better. A nice long week, free from school, free from brain work, free from anything and everything school related. Yes, it is time for that break! And lucky for me, I’m not in a relationship break, so I get to spend the week with my lovely acquaintance. Okay okay, I’ll label him as my boyfriend, I mean it HAS been over 2 years.

Anyway, very much looking forward to this week! I need a break from exams, from studying, from reading day and night. I get to watch movies, go fun places, hang out with awesome people…and..well…chillax!

If you guys (and gals) are off this week…enjoy! Take a break! Be safe! If you’re not off yet, you have my sympathies! Hope you get a break soon! Play hookie =)

Oh I actually have more things to ramble on in regards to this week. So you may ask yourself, or me, or your computer, why we get a break in February…I mean come on, it’s February! It’s no march. Well! Reason 1) our semesters are 4 months, so technically this is our March break. Also, apparently there was a study done that showed there are more suicides (/attempts of suicide) during this time of year. Why you may ask? Well apparently people are just overloaded…they’re stressed out from assignments, exams, just life. So…the very smart school people (who ever makes these decisions), said HAY! Lets give these guys a  break! We can’t finance any more suicides! (yes I’m aware suicide is not funny, don’t rip my throat out). And that, my friends, is why we have a break smack dab in the middle of the…beginning of the year…

Okay ramble over for now, I need to get packing!


Not Everything is Rainbows and Unicorns

Not a happy go lucky post here…more just me needing to vent.

Today, February 18th, my grandfather passed away. He was slowly deteriorating, his health was going, and we all knew it was coming. It’s still a pretty big shock, I can’t imagine him not being in our lives anymore. Rest in Peace grandpa.

Everyone says bad things come in waves and I hope this was the end of the wave. On October 28th, we lost our dog to cancer. He was like a child to me, so that hit me pretty hard. It was the first loss I’ve had to deal with…now another. Life is not fair and we always wish we had more time with those we loved. Sadly life ends for us all, we need to make the most of what we’re given. My grandfather did this. He had an amazing life, and lived to the fullest.

Grandpa and Teddy (our dog) are in heaven together, watching over us.

Goodbye to both of you. I love you both.

Check out the video I’ve made in honor of Teddy

Two Down, One to Go

Exams that is…and it’s technically one and a HALF down and one to go…since my French “exam” wasn’t really an exam…just a test…we get four that are each worth 10% of our final grade. But, whatever, still such a relief to have those out of the way! Next up: Psychopathology! This one will be a big bitch!

One piece of good news…all my Friday classes have been canceled! So I have an extra long Reading week! Can’t wait for a much needed break! And of course…the little sumthin sumthin that comes with seeing the boyfriend =)

Not much else to say, back to the books. Hope you’re all enjoying whatever fun you’re having!