Invisalign: The Final Photo

Drum-roll please!! This, ladies and gentleman, is the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

First set of Trays Final Teeth

On the left you will find the first set of trays (I believe). And on the right you have my current teeth, tray-less! But they are sporting a very stylish set of wires, both on top and bottom. And my top teeth get the comfort of a retainer at night!

As you can see, there’s a huge improvement! The whole thing was a giant investment, a great commitment, but all worth it in the end. I can’t even believe that the whole thing took two years. Time flew by! So my final verdict: if you can get invisalign, get it!

Merry Christmas!

Or whatever you happen to be celebrating. If it’s nothing, well then have a good day!

So I thought I’d share my invisalign update! It’s been a while since I’ve had my aligners out and finished. As you may remember I have wires on my teeth now, both tops and bottoms. I just had a check up appointment a few days ago. They had to add a bit of extra glue on one of the teeth with the wire across it because it had come off. I apparently had to bring in my retainer that I wear at night to make sure it fits properly…I may have forgotten. But everything is looking good, so it’s alright!

I had a little miracle happen a while ago. Not something that’s huge, but something I never thought would happen, ever. I received a compliment on my teeth. The person said they were nice and looked really symmetrical and nice. It was such a huge shock for me because I’ve never gotten that, never even thought that about my teeth. I was thrilled!

That’s my little story. I’ll try to get some final product teeth pictures up so you can all see the end result! Hope you’re all having a great break!

Invisalign: It’s Over!

Did you ever think this day would come? Could it be true? I’ve dreamt of this day for two years, and today, this lovely, rainy August 26th morning, it has come!

Today, ladies and gentlemen, is the day I handed over my last invisalign aligners…wait…was I supposed to hand them over? Oh well, it doesn’t matter, that’s what happened. I got my buttons removed and instead, got retainers put in! I now have wires on the tops and bottoms of my teeth. I am now just like all the other cool kids who had braces and now have wires on their teeth! Yay! I also get a removable retainer for my top teeth, but I pick that up later.

So that’s it folks! I’ll probably post updates if there are any other adventures with my teeth, but for now, that’s it that’s all!

Pictures to come!

Invisalign: Attachments Fixed!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had lost two attachments. Called in today and went in and they fixed them up! Quite pleased with the service. So far the attachments are staying put! The pain is still there, which is kind of a bummer, but it’s not nearly as bad my very first set, so I can deal!

That’s it! Quick post, quick update!

Let the Pains Begin Again! Invisalign Journey: Take Two

That’s right! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! My refinement aligners have arrived (a while ago) and I’ve finally managed to make it to the office to pick them up!

I got the same fun procedure of having my attachments put on (one 3 on top and 5 on the bottom..though two are on the same tooth…weird)! Also had the buttons put on for elastics (oh joy!). It’s a lot easier to take these sets in and out, probably because my teeth are fairly straight now. However, after having the first set of these new aligners in for only 8 hours, I’m already in pain! This is going to be fun..again.

So the good news this time is that I need only wear an elastic on my right side during the day, and on both sides at night. There is a total of 11 sets of trays (wooo!!!) and my ortho gave me 7 already. I am to change them every 10 days (not two weeks! more woooo!!), and in 10 weeks I have another appointment to receive my last sets.

A tiny bit of bad news: I think one, or even two of the attachments have already come off when I took my aligners out for the first time. Guess I’ll be making a call to the ortho tomorrow to find out if that’s a problem and if they’ll need to see me again to re-do them. The other sucky bit relates to this…one of the attachments is on my second tooth, so I feel like it is very visible. That’s no fun. The other is on my canine…and is also quite visible when the aligners are off. Guess I’m not eating in public for a while.

Anyway, for better news: I’ve calculated when I need to change my aligners and it seems that I will be done July 24th. That is the day of my last aligner of this set! Then hopefully after this, I will be all done with my treatment! Woo hoo!!!!

Stay tuned for updates!

Invisalign: It’s Finally Here!!! Tray 38!

I know you’ve all been counting down and waiting so excitedly for this day to come! You’ve all been marking it down on your calendar, excited for the big unveiling!…no? Was it just me? Well then maybe I won’t share my progress with you….

Ah who am I kidding, I couldn’t do that to you. So without further ado, here are the before and afters!

First set of Trays
The first set of trays! Feels like just yesterday I was struggling to pop those suckers in and out…

Tray 38
Brand new smile!

Now…the treatment is not yet complete. Teeth are not completely straight yet. I didn’t take a picture of my bottom teeth, but there’s still one tooth that’s not quite in line yet. I don’t think the top ones are quite straight yet either, but I must admit, they look so much better than before! So I’ll be going to see my ortho in 3 weeks to get new impressions done and then another round of trays. Not sure how many! But look at all the progress so far! Yay!!

Invisalign: Tray 35!

AAAH! I’m almost done!!! At least with the initial set of trays. My ortho says everything looks great, the aligners are fitting perfectly. She had me put in my tray 35’s and gave me the rest (36-38)!.

She gave me some awesome info about the treatment process. Apparently the back teeth are not going to be together (when you bite down) after you take the retainers out because the extra plastic of invisalign pushes them down. But after the invisalign treatment is over, they’ll move back out to their designated position.

I was also told that my next appointment would probably require another impression of my teeth so that they could send away for another set just to refine how the teeth sit. I don’t know how many sets of trays that will take, but hopefully not a lot. This actually made sense to me because I had heard about refinement trays (or something, I forget what they were called), to really “fine tune” your perfect teeth. The ortho told me that 9 times out of 10 this is necessary, but sometimes it’s not needed and you just get a retainer to wear overnight. We’ll see what happens!

I am totally beyond psyched to have this process be so close to over! It felt like it would take forever, but now it feels like it went by really fast!

I’ll keep you posted! Next pics you see will probably be in my final trays =). Hope you’re as excited as I am!

Invisalign Tray 34: Pain

I have officially experienced a new level of excruciating pain. The first and only time I actually woke up in the night because of the pain…holy crap, this really hurts. I popped a tylenol, but just couldn’t take the pain, so got up and took out my aligners.

So beware: pain will be experienced!

Invisalign: Tray 32

Owie, Owie, OWIE!

Yep, it hurts. New trays…oh the joys. Had some difficulty putting the top ones in. Well…not really putting them in, but having them sit well on the teeth. It is at this moment that I truly SEE the benefit of the chewies. Really helps get your teeth all the way into the trays.

And it is at this tray, 32, that I can feel and see my front teeth moving. The gums above my front tooth that’s more crooked and towards the back is all white right now…meaning pressure is being put on the tooth. It’s kind of nice to know it’s moving. Only 6 more trays to go! It’ll be over before I know it! (hopefully!)

That’s it. It hurts. I’m done complaining!

Invisalign: Tray 30!

Ah I’m so excited!

Today was my ortho appointment, and besides the sucky part waking up at 7:30 am (something I haven’t done in a loooooooong time), I got my 30th set of aligners in! And I received up to tray 34!! So as of right now, I only have 8 trays left to go! SO EXCITED! EEEEEEEEEE!

I checked out tray 34 and it looks like I will be seeing some improvements with my front teeth soon! So basically the whole reason I got invisalign will be here in a matter of months!

Now let’s get past the celebrating and move on to technical things! My ortho said everything was tracking nicely, just as it should be. So good news there. I still have my elastics on both sides (shhh don’t tell her I slack off wearing them), and I’m now making a commitment to wear them better.

Pain wise, tray 30 doesn’t hurt right now. I’m actually thinking that the pain comes from night time clenching I tend to do with new trays. It’s a strange feeling though, when you put in your new trays, and then you take them out to eat, and you can actually feel a little pressure release on the teeth that are moving. Odd, but good!

Well that is all!

Stay tuned for [probably] final pictures! That’ll be in January!! So close!