Achievement Unlocked

Nono, I’m not playing xbox games. My achievement is finally sneeze while watching a Toby Turner vlog! Yeah, that’s right. I feel very accomplished.

Now you may be asking yourself: what are you doing here, on wordpress, writing a blog when you should be studying? Wait, what? You WEREN’T asking that? Well I bet you are now! And in short, I am procrastinating. Procrastination is a beautiful thing. Try it some time. Okay don’t. It’ll just make you not finish any work. But yeah, I should be studying. I’ve got two last exams tomorrow! Then driving home for about 6 hours the next day. Nice and early in the morning. That will be a blast. But when I’m home I can finally finish Dragon Age 2! Which I have not played recently…sadness.

Anyway, just wanted to share my wonderful achievement. I know you’re all jealous!


Let’s Get This Over With

Seriously! I want to go home! I’ve started packing…I’ve been staying up late, and sleeping in, I want to relax and not worry about exams for four months!! Let me just do these exams and get it over with! But alas…I have four more days to wait…Oh well…I guess it’s for the better…I am nowhere near ready for them.

I have, however, been spending a good amount of time on DA2 =). I shouldn’t be bragging…I should be studying lol. Oh well…it’s fun. I hate how the first part takes so long to do. There’s just so many quests everywhere. I love fighting though. I made a mage, so I’m squishy. It’s not fun being squishy. It is, however, fun to finish off big fights with two warriors…who you don’t know how to play because you spend your whole time with a mage lol.

Ohh lordy lord. Happy Easter to everyone, by the way. Should probably say that. I want to go home and have home made Easter foods. Only one more week. Less than!! Six more days! Then hopefully I can have some exciting fun stuff to talk about…we can hope lol.

Okay I’m done, bye!


Oh so Many Games!

I’ve been able to log some time on Dragon Age 2…thank god for procrastination =) . Such a good and addicting game. Although I must say, I find the story line/dialogue hard to follow. For what reason, I don’t know. Let’s hope I get used to it or it’ll be a looong game.

In other games…GO PENS! Pittsburgh pens that is. Playoff season is on and I’m cheering my team on! They’re doing good so far! 3 wins, 1 loss! woohoo! Boston also beats Montreal tonight in overtime, 5-1. Tied in the series. Chicago won the other night 6-1 over Vancouver. But Vancouver is still kicking butt. Oh the fun of hockey! You all better be watching and better be cheering for your team! Don’t be bandwagoners!

My next exam is in a week so I am slacking extremely right now…not something I should be doing. Hitting the books tomorrow! And tonight actually! I want to do well! Hopefully I will.

It’s hard to believe my third year is coming to an end. I can’t believe I’m almost done my Bachelor. And then doing more school after…yippee! Time flies by when you’re…being…tortured with school work? That doesn’t make sense…but I guess it kind of does. Anyway…I’m excited to go home, get some rest. Also dreading it though…too many sad memories to tackle. Oh well…gotta do it some time.

Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling and let you guys get back to doing better things than reading some lame-ass blog!


PS. I want KOTOR 2

Useless Post

I’ve got nothing to say! But I figured I might as well say something. One more exam tomorrow, at 9:30 in the morning…that will be fun. It’s a philosophy class, so I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to study! That’s not true, he gave us questions that we need to know.

Can’t wait to get that out of the way though, then I can play Dragon Age 2!! Woohoo! I don’t know if I mentioned this in another post or not, but I tried to record some gameplay and apparently I’m not very good at it! Recording, not the game. I hope I’ll be able to figure it out tomorrow. Or the day after…whenever.

Oh on another note: I really hate being sick. I JUST got over a cold, or flu or whatever, and BAM. I get another one. Lucky me! I swear it’s the stress from exams. Even though I haven’t been that stressed. Oh well, let’s hope this passes over quick.

Anyway, I’m done with that. Check in tomorrow to see if there’s any DA2 news to report!


Game Over

Yep! KOTOR! I finally finished it. Such an incredible amount of fun leading up to the last battle. Just constant fighting, no time for a break or to recharge. I love it! The final battle with Malak took a few tries, but I finally got it. Wasn’t so difficult once you saw where he was getting all his power from. I mean, they show you, but it’s hard to know just how many there are. Thank goodness for medpacks! I think I’ll be tackling the game from the dark side next time through…and picking my own skills. This time I just auto-leveled up.

Anyway…such a good game! So much story behind it! So many twists! Great character development!

Next game to tackle will be Dragon Age 2!! We’ll see how that goes. Probably will be doing that late this week seeing as how I have an exam coming up! But yeah….fun game. Play it!!

I’m out of stuff to say!


Time for Some Games

First exam is out of the way! Woo hoo! A lot harder than I expected….I really hate multiple choice questions. I always do terribly on them. Oh well, let’s hope the short answers make up for that! And since my exam was early this morning, I spent the rest of the day gaming!! That’s right! Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic! So close to finishing it! Biggest. Mind-blowing. Revelation. EVER! Epicness! Go play it so you can know what it is! It seriously blew my mind. I was totally pleased! Now to finish up the game! Hopefully I can do it tonight and then move on to playing it from the Dark Side >=). Also I can move on to other games!! Yay! So excited for summer! And week breaks between exams!! This shall be a good time.

That’s all my news. I’m excited! Yay games!

Oh’s playoff time! Let’s go PENS!!!

That is all.


It’s Been a While

I have not posted in about a week and with good reason! The old lover boy was here and kept me occupied. We watched movies, TV shows, played games, went out, all that fun stuff. Saw Limitless…that was a good movie. Honestly, didn’t live up to my expectations because people were saying it was amazing. I just thought it was good. Worth seeing in my opinion, just nothing to jump up and down about.

I also acquired Dragon Age 2! The FULL version, not just the demo! So that should be fun…I desperately want to get in there and play through the entire game!

Games, unfortunately, will not be happening for at LEAST another 3 days. I have an exam to study for. Really not looking forward to that. It’s Saturday morning at 9:30. Yippee!

Alrighty, I’m done here…back to the books!


What’s Been Happening

I have not been posting for a while…but I have a good explanation. I’ve been jam packed with a shit-ton of work.

Big news number one: I have found my thesis supervisor! Next year I will be working in a sleep lab, monitoring brain waves and the like of sleepers! Which means working night shifts! woo hoo. I’m oddly excited for this lol. I NEVER stay up all night. Seriously, never. I have no life.

What else have I been doing? Oh right, essays, essays, and more essays. In three days I’ve finished two essays! All my essays are now completed. Wow, how many times can I use the word essay in a sentence before it becomes too repetitive? Let’s try a few more. I’m done all of them, EXCEPT, my take home exam is an essay for English class. There’s something to look forward to.

News number three: I’m uber excited for my boyfriend coming to visit for a week! Last day of classes is Friday and that is when he comes! Although, that day is going to be jam-packed! I have to hand in an essay, have a meeting with my thesis supervisor, then take a trip to the bus station. Busy busy.

But yes, still have a shit ton to do before the boy-toy gets here. A test Tuesday, oral presentation Thursday, grocery shopping, clean my room, write the take home, finish a giant book, and…I’m sure I’m missing something…oh well. Let’s hope I can get through this!

Absolutely nothing of gameness to comment on because I have had no time to play. Hopefully that’ll change soon!