Invisalign: Tray 11 and Last Semester Woes

It hurts. Whyyyyyyy does it hurt!? Okay, I’m being dramatic, it doesn’t hurt anymore. I put it in Monday night, because I’m a cheater like that. Anyway that was one of the most painful experiences yet. Not THE most painful, because the first day ever with invisalign was the most painful, but this came relatively close. It also hurts like a you-know-what (not to be confused with you-know-who) when I take the bottom ones out. Like…a lot. That’s different.

I’ve been cruising other people’s pages on their invisalign journey and I have to say that I really want to see some quite obvious results! I know my bite is getting better, but come on! I want to see my teeth get straighter! Of course the ones in the back probably ARE getting straighter I just can’t see or compare pictures because I didn’t take those (nor will I). Yep, that’s the only frustrating thing.

On another note, I’m finally in my last term of my undergrad! It only started last week and I feel like I’ve been doing end of the year projects already. Working on the thesis is a pain the butt! Oh wait…I was supposed to say you-know-what…why am I not using my backspace button to delete that? And all of this…I have issues…but then again, who doesn’t?

I think I’ve said all I need to say here…


Invisalign Picture Time!

Let’s see if I can upload some pictures of my teethies!

So this is the first one. It was the first set of trays I had, probably the first or second day of me getting them. Elastics on both sides…owie!

And this next picture is from a few weeks ago. I’m going to say this is tray 7 or 8. There’s an obvious camera angle difference, which makes the first picture look worse. However the noticeable thing is that my bottom jaw is beginning to move to the center (the line between the two top front teeth and bottom front teeth). So good news there! I only just noticed that myself now, looking at these pictures.

Yay pictures? Here’s wishing for time to go by quickly and me to never have my teeth like that again =)

How to Write a University Level Paper

Step 1: Pick a cool topic you want to know more about and think will impress your professor.

You all do this. Say for instance the subject is Psychopathology (yes this is real story). And your assignment is to research a specific psychological illness and talk about its origins, treatments, whatever. You obviously want to impress your professor so you decide to pick something out of the ordinary, not something that guy with questionable odor who always sits next to you picks. So you pick something like Childhood Schizophrenia (good luck).

Step 2: Research your topic of choice.

This is the fun part right? You actually get to learn about this cool disease and where it came from and how to treat it! There must be tons of information that you can find easily online! Right? WRONG! You spend hours upon hours, days upon days, looking for *credible* articles to cite in your work (but let’s face it here, you find one article that cites everything you wanted to know and just use the same references those poor bastards used). So here you are, with a pile of information on your awesomely awesome topic!

Step 3: Begin to put information together and write paper.

Easy enough. Just put all that information you found into your own words. Easy enough, right? Not quite. Because after reading mind numbingly stupid and boring articles, you realize that there is no better way to say what has already been said. So make up a shitty way to say it to avoid “plagiarizing”.

Step 4: Realize the topic you picked is too fucking hard, pick another common topic which Mr. Body Odor will probably do, research for one night, type essay as you find information, hit print hour before class, arrive at class 10 minutes before it ends and hand in paper.

I don’t think I’ve said anything that is not true.

Invisalign: Tray 10

Yay! I’m finally in the double digits! Only 28 more to go!

These set of trays didn’t feel like they did anything. I didn’t experience any pain…and only a little bit of pressure on my teeth. So not bad at all. It’s especially surprising since I was very lousy with my number 9 trays. I would have them our for like 5-6 hours at a time for almost an entire week (bad, bad me!). But considering that, the 10’s didn’t hurt at all! Maybe my teeth are just used to moving now (is that a good thing?)

Tray 11 in a little over a week! Stay tuned!