Invisalign: Tray 30!

Ah I’m so excited!

Today was my ortho appointment, and besides the sucky part waking up at 7:30 am (something I haven’t done in a loooooooong time), I got my 30th set of aligners in! And I received up to tray 34!! So as of right now, I only have 8 trays left to go! SO EXCITED! EEEEEEEEEE!

I checked out tray 34 and it looks like I will be seeing some improvements with my front teeth soon! So basically the whole reason I got invisalign will be here in a matter of months!

Now let’s get past the celebrating and move on to technical things! My ortho said everything was tracking nicely, just as it should be. So good news there. I still have my elastics on both sides (shhh don’t tell her I slack off wearing them), and I’m now making a commitment to wear them better.

Pain wise, tray 30 doesn’t hurt right now. I’m actually thinking that the pain comes from night time clenching I tend to do with new trays. It’s a strange feeling though, when you put in your new trays, and then you take them out to eat, and you can actually feel a little pressure release on the teeth that are moving. Odd, but good!

Well that is all!

Stay tuned for [probably] final pictures! That’ll be in January!! So close!