Chicken Pox

Merry Christmas!

And what’s better than Christmas and spending it with your friends and family? Well, how about catching a stomach bug, followed by the chicken pox? As an adult?

On December 21st we flew off to Switzerland to see our friends for a few days. I had a terrible sore throat and bad cough. I thought it was just the flu. We spent two days with our friends. The second night one of them got sick to their stomach. Overnight, the other friend also got sick, which lasted into morning. I felt iffy. We flew back home and felt okay, until that night.

We got very little sleep. Alex was vomiting and had the runs. I had the runs and severe nausea. That night I also had a terrible fever. This lasted for about 24 hours. Christmas day, I notice spots on my back and chest, slightly itchy.

We tried applying eczema cream, assuming it was an allergic reaction. The next day there were more spots, and one of them had a blister. And within another 24 hours they all blistered. On the 28th we went to see the doctor who confirmed that it was chicken pox.

I have been in itchy adult hell. Although today it’s feeling a lot less itchy. Which is nice. My fever didn’t last, thank god. I feel fine overall, but the itchiness is terrible.Here’s hoping for a quick recovery!

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