Recap of 2011

What a year it has been…as we (my family and I) get ready to ring in the new year (and by get ready I mean sit at our computers and wait until midnight) I can’t help but get nostalgic and remember the year of 2011.

So what has this year entailed? Here are my highlights of the year:

–exactly one year ago today, I sat in the living room with my mom, dad, and brother and watched the ball drop. As 2011 came upon us, there were no cheers. We sat solemn and quiet. It was the first year that I could remember where it was just the 4 of us. The year before was not great, our dog passed away, and our grandparents moved to another part of the country. We clinked our champagne glasses and wished for a better 2011.

–February 18, 2011 our hopes for a better year were shattered and my grandfather passed away after spending months in the hospital. RIP Grandpa, we miss you always!

–Amy Winehouse passed away. Another great music legend left this world. RIP.

–in better news, I got a job at the place I volunteered the year before! Things were looking up.

–my childhood ended (even though I’m 22). The last installment of the Harry Potter movie franchise came out. Excellent movie. Go see it (and my review!)

So tonight, when my family and I (the four of us again) watch the ball drop…we once again will wish for a better year. And what can we expect? Here are my awesome predictions for 2012!

–I’ll finish University and earn my BA! HURRAH!

–The world will end in December. If not end, we will be thrown into a zombie apocalypse. My crowbar is ready…

–I expect something will happen between the US and North Korea…but that’s like throwing a ball off a boat and expecting to hit water, right?

–Humanity will die a little more with the final installment of the Twilight saga (gag me now)…and yes I will eventually see it. Just not in theaters.

–I think it’s safe to say I won’t get engaged! But that’s like the whole US/North Korea thing right?

No matter what happens in 2012, I wish everyone the best in the New Year! Hoping no harm comes to anyone, hope everyone is happy and healthy, and most of all, hope everyone enjoys life and lives it up!

Happy 2012 Everyone!!


So I’m a day from putting in my 9th set of trays. However this morning, I got a lovely surprise (it wasn’t really that lovely).

Putting in my aligners after breakfast, I noticed a cut on the left side of my mouth, at the bottom. It was tiny and I didn’t know where it came from, so I rinsed out my mouth. When I put in my aligner and went to put in my elastic, I realized where the cut had come from. The little metal knob that you hook your elastic onto. Freaking OW! What’s worse than feeling something rip your mouth? SEEING it happen.

So I have no idea why this is happening now of all time. I’ve had the aligners on since August, along with the metal knob things. Hopefully this won’t last too long…

University has Killed my Creativity

True story…

I used to be very into creative writing, short stories mostly. And at the risk of sounding too cocky, I must say I WAS pretty good. I read some stuff I wrote back in high school now, and I’m impressed by the fact that I wrote that.

Now, after completing nearly 4 years of university, I can safely say that all my creativity has been beaten out of me. We received an assignment that asked us to be creative. So I decided to go back to my roots and write a short story. And you know what was more boring than my short story? My essays! But not by much…it’s seriously dull. Makes me sad that I had so much potential and it’s went to waste.

This past summer I decided to undertake an art project because I like to draw as well. So I thought I would decorate a boring white box I had from an old cell phone that I keep random papers in. So I did it, I drew on it, the pictures were pretty good. They were images or logos of video games. After doing a few of them, I wanted to put the logos of the companies that create them on the back. Does this sound familiar? Because it certainly reminds me of a little thing they teach us in school. That little thing being called references. I hate that even my creativity has a works cited 😦 .

But it’s okay. I have some writing projects lined up that I want to undertake as soon as I’m done with school. Which if I get into grad school will be never. But I can dream, right?

So yeah, thanks university, for creating thousands of people who are all exactly alike. Is this your master plan? Instead of creating artificial intelligence, you’re just going to walk all over us so much that we start acting like robots and do your bidding? I’m on to you educational system….well played…thus far…But I must warn you, the revolution is coming…

The War in Iraq is…over?

According to yahoo news at least…LINK.

They claim that the war was not in vain…I have to disagree. As it says in that article…the US troops came to find weapons of mass destruction, non existent ones. The war was too long, too costly. Too many innocent people had to die…and what was the nation left with? Destruction and violence.

While I feel like I should be slightly happy, I feel nothing. It’s sad that so many people died, sad that it took this long to pull out of Iraq. I thank President Obama for making the move to pull out of Iraq. But other than that, I believe this whole war was based on revenge. Thanks Bush.

Christmas Time!

It’s almost here!! I got the “pleasure” of decorating our tree with my mom. However, I don’t see what the point was of my mom waiting for me to come home to decorate the tree if she was just going to do everything herself. Can you say frustrated? I sure can!

Anyway, you may be wondering…Christmas? It’s only December 13th, why is this girl home already? Well I’ll tell ya…I had two exams on December 9th (the first day of exams… ewwwwww!) Then I decided to spend 5 hours on a bus coming back home so I could spend Dec. 10th to the 18th at home, studying for my final exam, on Dec. 19th. Needless to say, I’ve been BORED! Who knew that it wasn’t fun to study all day, everyday? I got my assignment that’s worth 100% of my grade done…that’s a plus. Now just to cram 4 months worth of knowledge into my head, hop on a bus for 5 hours and write a 100 question multiple choice exam! Can you say Merry Christmas?

Also, looks like there won’t be any snow for Christmas this year…goody…the ONE time of the year I actually don’t mind snow…and it’s not here. Oh well. There’s always next year…unless global warming gets so hot that Canada turns into California. Don’t know if I’d mind that too much…hm…

Happy Holidays to everyone celebrating anything out there!

Invisalign: More trays!

Had a nice visit with the orthodontist today. I now have up to tray 13! That’s double digits baby! However, I’m still on tray 7.

So the update is that apparently things are looking good. My doctor told me that I’d need to put elastics on the other side of my teeth later on (I have them just on the right, right now). So, not looking forward to that, but we’re moving along.

Pics *hopefully* coming soon.