It’s My Birthday!!

Let’s celebrate!!!

I’m a quarter of a century old. Holy damn! To celebrate I’ll be going out for sushi and skating with my best friend =).

Apparently 25 is a big deal, a milestone. People look at their lives and have a freak out over not having done enough, not having achieved enough. In light of that, yesterday I thought about all the things I HAVE achieved. I’m 25. I have a Master’s degree, am supporting myself, have a good job where I climbed to a clinical position in less than a year, have a fantastic relationship, and am helping my parents out financially. I am also now looking at getting a car with my significant other. I no longer live at home, I’m planning my future, moving away, looking for better work. All in all, I think I’ve done well. And while I still don’t have that tattoo that I’ve always wanted, I think the first quarter of my life has been pretty amazing. I mean, not to mention the whole learning to walk, talk, and poop in the toilet. Those are some pretty big milestones.

I understand this is coming off a pretty “hey, look how great I am!” post, and maybe it’s what is needed. Everyone has accomplishments, and everyone has things they have not yet achieved. Every now and then we need to stop focusing on the negative and feel good about how far we’ve come. Because everyone has achievements, and it’s time we celebrated those!

Peace out!