Invisalign Tray 34: Pain

I have officially experienced a new level of excruciating pain. The first and only time I actually woke up in the night because of the pain…holy crap, this really hurts. I popped a tylenol, but just couldn’t take the pain, so got up and took out my aligners.

So beware: pain will be experienced!


Invisalign: Tray 32

Owie, Owie, OWIE!

Yep, it hurts. New trays…oh the joys. Had some difficulty putting the top ones in. Well…not really putting them in, but having them sit well on the teeth. It is at this moment that I truly SEE the benefit of the chewies. Really helps get your teeth all the way into the trays.

And it is at this tray, 32, that I can feel and see my front teeth moving. The gums above my front tooth that’s more crooked and towards the back is all white right now…meaning pressure is being put on the tooth. It’s kind of nice to know it’s moving. Only 6 more trays to go! It’ll be over before I know it! (hopefully!)

That’s it. It hurts. I’m done complaining!

Invisalign: Tray 30!

Ah I’m so excited!

Today was my ortho appointment, and besides the sucky part waking up at 7:30 am (something I haven’t done in a loooooooong time), I got my 30th set of aligners in! And I received up to tray 34!! So as of right now, I only have 8 trays left to go! SO EXCITED! EEEEEEEEEE!

I checked out tray 34 and it looks like I will be seeing some improvements with my front teeth soon! So basically the whole reason I got invisalign will be here in a matter of months!

Now let’s get past the celebrating and move on to technical things! My ortho said everything was tracking nicely, just as it should be. So good news there. I still have my elastics on both sides (shhh don’t tell her I slack off wearing them), and I’m now making a commitment to wear them better.

Pain wise, tray 30 doesn’t hurt right now. I’m actually thinking that the pain comes from night time clenching I tend to do with new trays. It’s a strange feeling though, when you put in your new trays, and then you take them out to eat, and you can actually feel a little pressure release on the teeth that are moving. Odd, but good!

Well that is all!

Stay tuned for [probably] final pictures! That’ll be in January!! So close!

Invisalign Tray 29

Only 9 trays left! WOooHOoO! Honestly feels like a week ago that I started my invisalign treatment…and now it’s almost over. Can’t wait for the day! Can’t wait to see the final result!

Anyway, some bad news: if you think the pain goes away after a couple trays, you would be wrong! It still hurts like a….well…like something that hurts a lot!

I don’t know if this whole pain thing is because new teeth have begun moving, but it’s quite painful. I notice I end up clenching my teeth during the night…so that kind of adds to the pain. So after taking the new trays out in the morning to eat, when I put them back in, they’re not as painful. Oh well…No pain, no gain…right?………right?!

That’s it! Pics to come! Probably when I’m all finished!


Invisalign Interview

Phew, it feels like forever ago since I updated everyone. I don’t have much new things to update you all on except this: a little while back I was asked to do an interview about my process/experience with invisalign braces. I happily agreed! You can find it here:

You can also find the experience of others on the website linked above. It’s a great place to go to find a collection of stories from different people about their journeys!


Invisalign: Tray 25

Good evening everyone, or good whatever time of day it happens to be when you read this!

I went to see my Ortho today to get my next few sets of aligners. She put in the 25th set today, which means, if you can count, that there are 13 more trays to go until I am finished! The ortho also said that everything looked “excellent” and that my teeth are tracking exactly as they should be. I took that as great news and I’m super excited! She also checked my bite, as per usual, and said it too looked “excellent”. Little did she know, I haven’t been as dedicated to my elastics as I should be…shhhh….

Oh well, I can’t wait for this to be over! They also set me up with more aligners, up to set 29. And at that point, I’ll be down to 9 trays! NINE! I’m always jealous of my boyfriends perfect teeth and I can’t wait until mine too are all nice and straight!

I guess now that we’re nearing August and the end of summer I should be doing back to school shopping. But I can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve begun budgeting and looking for a job for when I’m back at school so that I can stop relying on my parents so much and wouldn’t need to come home for the summer…the “adult” life as it’s called. No leads on jobs yet though, unless I want to babysit or do retail…but with a bachelor’s degree, that’s just not something I want to do. I want to be on my way to a career, not just doing jobs that bring in a small amount of money. But if it comes down to that, I’ll take anything.

That’s all I have to report! Stay tuned for updates!

Invisalign: New Pics!

Hoorah I’ve finally become not lazy and decided to upload some pictures…let’s hope I still remember how.
These are originals (on the top) and tray 23’s (on the bottom).

And looking at those pics now….I can see that the bottom picture of my bottom teeth…is mirrored from the originals…for some odd reason. I don’t know how that happened. Or how to fix that….weird.

Anywho…there they are! I can’t wait to finish treatment…it’s been too long.