Like you’re not sick of this stuff already. There are not nearly enough posts about this on the internet, so I’ll just another one!

The big day is tomorrow, apparently! Woohoo! It’d be cool to actually see something happen. Maybe not dying, but like a comet falling into an ocean or something. No harm is being wished upon anyone! Everyone who has a bomb shelter or whatever kind of shelter, hop on in there! Hope you have enough oxygen to make it!

If I don’t wake up tomorrow, well, neither will any of you. And I’ll also be pissed for spending so much time and money on education. AND on my invisalign treatment! What a rip off…if not, back to work all you slackers!

I, will be enjoying a day of some gaming, relaxation, eating left over birthday cake (from my mom’s birthday today), and generally wasting away whatever is left of my month long vacation from school! Oh and decorating the Christmas tree! That shall be fun!

Have a good doomsday everyone!


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