Portal 2: Completed–Spoiler

Yep I finished! Woohoo! Very happy.

I was pleased with the game, just like I stated in another post. However, I was thinking that there would be another battle with GladOS. I mean technically there was with the Bristish robot accent guy, but I thought there would be one with the woman voice robot again…that I was disappointed in. Oh well, still a great game!

Now I just need to finish the multiplayer with the boyfriend! That’s fun so far!

In other news, I’ve registered for courses for my final year at university! I can’t believe I’m almost done!! I want to get out and get to work…hopefully I can find a real job after. We’ll see.

Anyway, that’s it…going to give out more resume’s tomorrow and visiting my old high school with my best friend! Should be a blast!!


Ps. Suggest me more games!


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