Why you Should Date a Geek!

Yes, I AM one of the geeks, but I’m a female version. And in this world, the female versions are cool, so I’m slightly biased. I’m also dating a geek (don’t tell him I said that), so I’m double biased on this list. But believe me, these reason are true. And you know how you find out? You try it! Gotta sample everything on the menu (but don’t whore yourselves out).

So now that I’m randomly typing with actually no outline as to how this is going to go, I figure I’ll make two lists. One for why guys need to date geeky girls and one for why girls need to date geeky guys (confused yet? good). Although, I’m sure guys don’t need convincing to date geeky girls…we’re cool. There’s an oxymoron.

Okay, without further ado: Why you Should Date a Geek(-y guy)!

1) They don’t date you solely for your looks. They care about what’s inside. After years of rejection and not being the jocks, not having boobs flung into their face by those cheerleader girls, these guys know what to look for in a real partner. They know what matters and they know it’s not that ditsy, spoiled, princess image that was every so popular in high-school. These guys have sat in the sidelines looking at the cheerleader-jock relationships fail, look at the unsatisfying “love” they had, and they’ve learned from those jock’s mistakes. (Yes I know all the sex from the loose cheerleaders wasn’t THAT unsatisfying, but lets admit it, most girls don’t just want sex in a relationship).

2) They listen. Yes, hard to believe, but there ARE guys out there who are genuinely interested in what you’re saying, not what your breasts are saying. Have you talked to one of these guys? Ever notice how they look at you intensely, when you’re speaking? That’s not creepy, that’s attentive (okay, it’s creepy if they start licking their lips, or shaking…but that’s not geeky guys, those have psychological problems…send ’em my way!). Geeky guys will be interested in what you’re saying, they’ll be able to carry on a decent conversation (because they’ve heard everything you’ve said), they can give good advice, and they’re not just picturing what you look like naked or telling you what you want to hear.

3) Speaking of not telling you what you want to hear…these guys will be honest with you. It may be a little off-putting at first, because as a spoiled little girl you’ll be used to being told whatever you want to hear, but trust me, the truth does you good. When he tells you that you’re being irrational because your BFF Becky said that you looked different and you thought she meant fat, it’s because you’re being irrational. These guys will bring you back to earth, ground you, so you can live in reality and not in paranoia world.

4) They will introduce you to a new world. Or many new worlds. Why? These guys love video games! And girls, I know not a lot of you are fans of this, but seriously, just give in. They’re awesome, they’re fun. And if you play, you will NOT be the only girl playing. Recent stats show that about half of gamers out there are women. So stop fighting it, grab the controller, log on, and do some quests, get some headshots, kill some zombies, etc, etc.

5) They know what kind of gifts to get you. Once again, this goes back to the fact that they listen. No explanation needed.

6) They’re sensitive. Yes, all women love it when a man can be strong, and muscular, and heroic. But we want to see that sensitive side too. These guys have it, they’re not ashamed of. And on this note they know just what to say to comfort YOU when YOU’RE being sensitive. They’re sweet, caring, and in touch with their emotions. Admit it, by now you want one of these guys.

7) They’re great in bed. Enough said. Okay, they may not be great if they’re just starting out, but guess what that means? You can teach them! And get everything the way you want!

I’m sure I can go on and on listing more reasons why geeky guys are great, and I’m sure lots of geeky guys will love me talking about their abilities in the bedroom. Maybe I’ll add to this list later on, but for now…I’m going to go log on and play some games!



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