United States of Tara

I have absolutely nothing interesting to fill your heads with. Except the fact that one of the best shows ever has started its 3rd season! As the title states, that show is United States of Tara. So interesting and funny! It appeals very much to the psychologist in me.

Anyway, now that the year is drawing to a close, I’m starting to slack off. Which is the absolute last thing I should be doing because it’s cram time. I should be getting ready for exams, finishing up essays (I STILL have 2 to do), all that fun stuff. But no. I’m Miss. Total slacker. And I’m going to hate myself for it, because this weekend will be filled with essay writing and no relax time at all. I HOPE I can finish up one of those essays tomorrow and Thursday night (night class canceled, a whoo hoo!).

So watching all these peoples vlogs on youtube just makes me want to whip out my phone and start talking randomly in public. It’s kind of bad that I don’t care what people think of me if I just start talking to my phone. Seems kind of egocentric…but maybe deep down I’m just a huge narcissist. (I’m not).

So yeah…check out the next post because I plan on posting reasons why it’s good to date a geek/gamer/dork…whatever degrading name you want to give those kind of people. But they’re not really degrading because I’m one of them and take them as a compliment! And those people are also fans of emoticons šŸ˜€ and misspelling words like haz and…liek. Okkkay! Better get started on that list!



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