They put me into jail! Oh no!! And then they dared have the nerve to execute me! You can’t execute the main character of the game! Like what kind of crap is that? Luckily…you can start the game over! What am I talking about? Can you tell? Because I sure as hell cannot! I’m kidding of course, I always know what I’m talking about! That’s not true…

Okaaaay. Star Wars, that’s what I’m talking about! They tell me not to anger the Sith, and yet..break into their embassy and steal back the thing they stole from the Republic! What is this nonsense!? How does breaking into something not anger people? How is me taking stuff from the Sith not anger them? But yeah, I got arrested! Where I tried to do the Jedi thing and fess up…and that lead to execution! By electrocution! (see what I did there?) But seriously…that’s how it happened. Note to self: don’t be honest. It will only lead you to be locked up in a cage and then fried to bits. Meanwhile…no one else in my party got fried. I think its racism. They hatin’ cuz I have a uterus. I was going to say the V word, but I think it’s too early for that. We need to get to know each other better first. Seriously…what am I talking about? STOP ME! oh right, you can’t!

Anyway, I’m going to go cough myself to sleep. I have a swollen throat so swallowing is hard…sadness…Hopefully this illness goes away!


PS. Go play KOTOR


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